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    Wadkin Knife setting jig for BAO/S 12

    Alan, Good luck finding one as i recall looking at other brands, not cheap. I'm just about to get the same machine up and running, 3Phase. But I'm guessing you've had a PT before. I have an older Axminster Perform PT and I've never bothered with the setting tool. I used to use the steel rule...
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    4 in 1 garden tool....

    I bought this, just for the chainsaw and hedge cutting. No problems so far. My logic was that it was going to cost me far more than £150 to get someone in to crop the oak tree and cut the hedge. So at this price, it was almost disposable. https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/the-han ... ulti-tool/
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    Any recommendations/tips/views for CAD/3D modelling software

    Sketchup is free to download, I use it a lot. Mainly for woodworking stuff. But I also do 3D printing so I also use Fusion360. If you are not familiar with 3D, start out with SketchUp or one of the other free software noted above. It is intuitive and loads of tutorials on YouTube.
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    Workbench design

    see my version. one of the best projects that a DIY'r can do. bench-design-please-do-a-critique-t57607-45.html PS if you want the sketchup files, just PM me.
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    Secret World of Trees. Amazon prime TV.

    Great recommendation, I'm Irish but my Gaeilge schooling is too old so subtitles are on. Started yesterday and already on episode 7 or 8.
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    Project Help - Making round turning blanks in central London

    Logan If it doesn't work out for any reason give me a shout, I'm in Dagenham, part way through finishing my 50m2 shed. ahem or is that a workshop at that size? I have a wood lathe you can use if you wish.
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    startrite 275 3 phase inverter advice

    Dave Check out how i converted the saw with an invertor. 3-phase-to-single-phase-startrite-275-conversion-from-3-ph-t91106.html
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    International Woodworking Festival - London

    There are no cameras that I know about. i've stayed there ages and never worried about it. There are no machines etc to pay for any type of parking.
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    International Woodworking Festival - London

    Chaps, This is just a hop skip etc for me, but I note parking is £10. There is a shopping centre at Gallions Reach just around the corner so if you don't fancy paying the parking on site, its less than 10min walk from the Gallions Reach shopping centre which is free parking. Might suggest the...
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    False Widow Spider Bite

    I've been doing the ones like, I now have a massively swollen limb (elbow :-)) in work or that I can now shoot a white sticky... web all week in work. Only a matter of time HR gives me a call.
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    False Widow Spider Bite

    They are all over the UK. Doctor in A&E says they see people every summer with swollen legs and arms from them. See locations.
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    Cheap laser engraver?

    Novocaine. It looks like I have the current version of Scarve. V1.91 already loaded. I also have a 3D printer so i get what you are saying but you are clearly more tech than I am. What software do you recommend to talk to the device in Gcode.? I use Cura and Octoprint on the 3D printer. but...
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    False Widow Spider Bite

    Working on my workshop external cladding last week and I got bit by a false widow. I have loads of them in the garden. The name obviously suggests its link to its ozzy cousin. But I never realised they could knock out a fit 50yold bloke. Three days off work, nausea, headache, lethargic, aches...
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    Cheap laser engraver?

    Yes, your correct, it is SCarve. Will have a go as you suggest and post if I'm successful.
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    Cheap laser engraver?

    Sorry for not replying earlier. Will have to check but it came with the device. Nothing recognisable. The issue is it can find home without being connected to a PC. My point is that is currently the opposite corner. when I then connect with the software and tell it to go to home ie 0,0 on X and...