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    rail square or mft for diy

    I have both, and find that unless I'm doing lots of repeat cuts of reasonably small pieces I'm using the Rail Square more and more. The Rail Square is brilliant for cutting 8x4 sheets to size, as Spectric says.
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    DIY Clamps

    I did quite a bit of research on this last year. If you have the wood, John Heizt at is a good starting point, but don't look to closely at his table saw tecniques. I didn't make any in the end as timber prices in the UK got silly last year, but its still on my list for warmer...
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    How do these cuts not cause kick back?

    There is almost certainly a disclaimer buried in YouTube's Terms and Conditions that idemnifies itself and its channel operators with all the stuff mentioned above. In fairness to John Heitz, he normally makes it clear thats how he chooses to do it, and accepts it might be dangerous. He does not...
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    Is this realy still the case ? I remember the Guardian doing a thing a few years ago about formaldehyde in man made boards, which , IIRC was largely based on old standards and journalistic hype. I thought the E1 standard which seems to cover most OSB I've seen on sale has locked this right down ?
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    Price of the sheet materials

    Just be warned the cheaper ones can be a real PITA to assemble. They are made of extremely thin material, and use folds and angles to give them stability, and take hours to assemble. When done you have a metal box that will just love condensation !! I'm not suggesting you shouldn't, but check...
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    Not at all !! Others may read this and benefit :)
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    Yep, with you 100% there. I'm trying to persuade them to try OSB and paint first, and if they hate it, buy ply if/when prices stabilise. Her partner has a fairly "bold" taste in wall colours so I think OSB might look good. I'm thinking of pinning rather than glueing now to allow movement...
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    Garage is built into a hillside, and has been fully tanked and new insulated floor is already installed. Insulation will be fully taped and will be the vapour barrier.
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    She doesn't want plastered walls, and having a OSB or Ply wall is much more sensible for hanging things
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    That would be our preferred option for sure, but she wants birch ply quality finish. Last time I looked 18mm Birch ply was at £90 a sheet vs c£55 for OSB/Thin ply . Mulling it over, I think we'd just pin the ply to allow for different movements.
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    Lining a workshop/craft room

    my daughter has roped me into lining a garage space for home office / craft room. She wants ply walls. Given the costs, I'm thinking of 12mm OSB and then 6mm ply either glued or pinned on to the OSB. Can anybody think of a good reason not to do this (assuming price makes it worthwhile) ...
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    DIY Table saw

    I had an old contractor saw with a damaged ( severely bent) table which I mounted into a plywood top. It sounds like yours. It was extremely difficult to get it safely affixed to the new table. The saw gubbings kept moving about in the table, and what acuracy I got back on a flat table top, I...
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    Home vacuum advice please?

    I use their adaptors, paired with Neutrik Powercon plugs, and power take off leads, for all my power tools. I have an old Kirby vacuum paired up with a Fein dust seperator one end of the workshop, and a Henry/Fein combination the other. The kirby is noisy but very powerful - if you can find a...
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    MFT - wossit all about?

    My thoughts : A MFT table is designed to complement a track saw, and additional fences, dogs etc can speed up repetitive work. A Track saw is perfect for us mere mortals who don't have the space or kit to cut down 8x4 sheets on a table saw. If you don't work with a Tracksaw, or seldom use man...
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    Table Saw Fence

    Yep, realy like that !