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    Home sweet home!

    I haven't been on here for a very long time, and much has changed, but I wanted to wish you very best wishes Steve. Hope this works out
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    Posting to Australia?

    More or less what I said; better than taking anecdotal advice on methods of posting.
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    Posting to Australia?

    Is the title available at Is it worth trying to use their shipping option to Australia instead? ... Id=596190& As for posting stuff using Royal Mail, make sure you pay the correct postage for the size and weight of the item. As for advice...
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    Victorian/Edwardian exterior door frames and doors...

    That's interesting. Do you have a link ?
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    Victorian/Edwardian exterior door frames and doors...

    ....Wouldn't you just love to carefully remove and disassemble them in order route a decent draft excluder profile in the rebate. I hate these afterthought add-ons that nearly always fail.
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    What a day!

    :evil: Commiserations. This is very, very, very annoying. It's happened to us in the past, and it felt like we'd been physically and mentally violated.
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    Early bird or late night owl?

    Used to be a night owl now def an early bird. Age caught up and reasoned
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    Triton Router and Saw Brushes - Update

    Just ordered these myself through "woodworking centre shop". £15.77 inc postage for two. Oh well, needs must and I'm reliant on both router and saw.
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    Interesting table

    I don't suppose it will be long before USD-GBP convergence, but agree, 12000 of any money's too much for that thing until the Munroe connection's factored in. Perhaps the hideous bottom circumference bars forced President Kennedy and Arthur Miller to play "tootsie" with her on separate occasions...
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    Which Digital SLR....

    Have to agree Blister, the G5 is cracking. After purchasing my Canon 450d last summer (and lately, a whole host of lenses - gulp), I was going to put the G5 on ebay but I just can't do it. To me it's like the equivalent of a Leica rangefinder. Just superb for that pocketable shot. Still have my...
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    Thieving sprouts AGAIN

    I know you don't. The gesture was symbolic. Unless they give us an abstention box to tick in order to officially reject the system, then I don't see the point. I won't ever vote for fascist parties so the only option for me would be Green Party or UKIP. I might go the former or the old...
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    Toon relegated

    Yep! Been a Villan since my father put a stop to my maternal grandfather's attempts at turning all his grandsons into Bluenosers. I was the only one of claret and blue - just like Dad.
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    Thieving sprouts AGAIN

    I wouldn't bank on that outcome to be frank and why, for the first time in 27 years, I've shredded my polling card.
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    Toon relegated

    It's a weird obsession if you ask me. The nearest they've come to winning anything in the last half century apart from the Fairs Cup <ahem> is the PL title that Keegan blew just after his "I'd just love it..." speech
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    Windows 7 RC

    Perhaps it's because some of us just want to spread the "Good News" as we see it. But you're right. Gob shut in future, lest we upset the Windows set. Traditionally I've always had to pick my hardware wisely, but even when using two to three year old technology that has the backup, I found...