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    Joke thread

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    The shame of a tidy workshop

    For me, this sums it up perfectly! (y)
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    Push sticks again.......

    Lockdown hobbies led to thousands of injuries in England, NHS data suggests
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    I've now stopped trying to find an electric razor that I'm compatible with and just accept that, for me, shaving is a waste of time and effort. Quick spritz over with the 'leccy beard trimmer every couple of weeks when I can be bothered works for me ;) (y)
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    Joke thread

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    Joke thread

    Never deen 'Die Hard'? The greatest Chrimby movie of all time? ;)
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    Joke thread

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    Joke thread

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    What plane to plane rosewood?

    If I'm reading this right, you're inserting the cap iron as normal, at a normal level of tension, then giving the retaining screw an additional one third of a turn? Doesn't that make advancing/retracting the blade somewhat difficult to 'dial-in'? Interesting nonetheless, I wonder what Rob and...
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    work clothes

    £5.97 is even better ;) Regatta Men's Thompson Half Zip Lightweight Fleece
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    Nearly put this in the joke thread

    Ohh he went down HARD!! Face plant of the year right there :ROFLMAO:(y):ROFLMAO:
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    Nearly put this in the joke thread

    Arguing with yourself there pal :ROFLMAO: (y)
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    Nearly put this in the joke thread

    No it isn't the same, buses stop/pull over to let passengers on/off. When was the last time cyclists did the same?
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    Joke thread