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    Bandsaw: hammer 3800

    I have a Minimax S45 and wouldn't swap it for anything else. I first bought a huge 3 phase Axminster SBW 5300 and it did what I wanted to be fair, but had the chance of a well looked after school used Minimax for £500 so decided to sell the axy. The saw has out performed all saw's i've used in...
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    Help needed with Axminster Planer/Thicknesser

    Anyone having problems with timber sticking to machine tables, either cast iron or aluminium has to try what I use. I have tried many methods and products to aid the slickness ( if that's a word ) on your machine tables and the BEST one to use is HG yellow liquid Beeswax. It is unreal and lasts...
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    Wickes rant: chipboard full of metal chips!

    I have used chipboards from most manufacturers and all have everything from plasic pellets, aluminium chips and waste staples in it. Cheaper grades will be worse than others but just try re-sawing a two foot length to open it up and see whats in. You'll be suprised how much stuff is thrown in. Jon.
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    Bandsaw set up advice

    Thanks for the links Kirk, Carter will ship internationally and the tyres are about $25 which should be about £ 20 or so. I have received three new blades today from Tuff saws and have to say that they are as good as everyone makes out. The quality of finish and smoothness of cut is phenominal...
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    Bandsaw set up advice

    I have found a transmission supplier that can supply flat section (3mm thick) eurathane belt of any dia. you require. It sounds like just the ticket so i'm going to ask if they can send me a small piece to check it out and hopefully it won't cost too much either.
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    Bandsaw set up advice

    I recently went to buy some new wheel bearings and asked about this and was told to get intouch with a rubber vulcanising co. who will mould the tyres straight to the wheel which sounds expensive to me. Also, Minimax/ SCM don't seem to want to help other than sell you a new set of wheels and the...
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    Bandsaw set up advice

    Just ordered the bandsaw DVD. Jon.
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    Bandsaw set up advice

    Thanks for the replies, I have since read that the blade teeth hanging over the edge of the wheel really only applies to 1 inch and wider blades which is rarely used. The saw is a Minimax S45 and does seem to run sweeter when blade is set in the centre of wheel. The saw could benifit from some...
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    Bandsaw set up advice

    Does anyone have the definitive answer with regards to correct Bandsaw set-up? Most manuals state that the blades should slightly overhang the tyres while others state that to have the saw running correctly, the wheels must be in 'co-planer' meaning they should be straight and parallel with each...
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    Scribed Joints to Skirting using a Router and Jig?

    Hi, Why does everyone have to make a jig or find some different way of completing a job that's been the industry standard for ages. The coping saw is the tool for the job. If it's not accurate or quick enough, you should practice your cutting not find another way to do it. I'd love to see all...
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    drum sander help!

    Thanks for the replies, I do have an old belt and Axminster have asked me to post it off to them so they can match it up with the loadings they have. It's actuall spring loaded at both ends and is one of those jobs where you need another pair of hands! I have two small devices supplied withe...
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    drum sander help!

    Hello, Can anyone help? I have a 37inch drum sander, same machine as the Axminster 373S MK2 and need to know if anyone has the manual or what the technique is for fitting the belts. It has two clips supplied for belt changing but I can't work out what they are supposed to do. Any help is...
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    Which Random Orbit Sander should I buy?

    The Bosch GEX 150 professional is a superb sander, very quiet, smooth and exellent dust extraction. I know someone who has the AEG and the velcro base has worn away quite quickly. Jonathan.
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    Buying ash

    Hello Chris, I live in Sheffield and at the bottom of Herries road, near the Wednesday ground there's a supplier of ash called timber specialists. The Ash i've had has been fine and the price is pretty good too. Jonathan.
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    pot belly stove help.

    Good evening, can anyone help me and tell me if there is any foil tape that is really heat resistant. I have fitted a stove and need to seal a couple of joints in the stainless flue and wanted to know if anyone knows of any such tape? The flue gets way too hot to touch so the tape needs to be...