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  1. J

    Total comprehensive shop equipment and materials sale

    People already have done Dom, but I take your point and appreciate the advice. I'm based in Heanor in Derbyshire. M
  2. J

    Total comprehensive shop equipment and materials sale

    Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. A list would take forever. If there's something you need just ask.
  3. J

    Total comprehensive shop equipment and materials sale

    Due to disability all must go. Large comprehensive range. Lots brand new. Write for details. No silly offers please.
  4. J

    Interesting People

    Forgot to say the finished article is classed as personal transport and the money is a personal gift !
  5. J

    Interesting People

    I recently met a bloke, Gary, who's a fanatic about Sci Fi. His favourite is Dr Who and in his back garden he's got a home made Tardis and a couple of full size Darleks, which you can get inside of and move around in. The Darleks are basically a softwood frame on wheels, using a variety of lap...
  6. J

    Smith & Sweetman

    Maybe they plugged into this forum and took some of the criticism on board. Have to admit though that the last few progs have been to a better standard and even Den is now telling James off for the amount of glue he squeezes everywhere. Onwards and upwards lads. Mike
  7. J

    Information for a newly arrived woodworker

    Welcome to the forum. I joined some two years ago and don't use any other forum 'cos they just don't compare. Friendly advice is always available and you'll soon get to know the personalities who are regular contributors. If you've been away for a while it's also a good way of meeting people -...
  8. J

    Smith & Sweetman

    Although I'm normally the first to knock them they did seem to make a good job of the double bed in today's episode. The thing looked well made, sturdy and well finished, despite 2 pints too much glue and a couple of M&T's where the shoulder was overcut and didn't mate up properly. Perhaps they...
  9. J

    Smith & Sweetman

    Has anyone seen the Smith & Sweetman Workshop prog. currently being put out on Sky ? Forgive me if I'm being over critical, but if the standard of work they churn out is that of "Master Craftsmen" it's basically cr*p. If the prog. is meant to teach woodworkers how to go about their beloved...
  10. J

    screen name

    Does anyone know how to go about changing a screen name? Ta Mike
  11. J

    Sealing cut edges of MDF

    Thanks for the advice lads - well recieved. The MDF I used was from a local trade woodyard - not a shed by any means - used mainly by site chippies. It does have a "fluffy" core which is what gave me the problem. I used Dulux primer 'cos my son is in the decorating business and I get all my...
  12. J

    Sealing cut edges of MDF

    To be quite honest I don't like using the horrible dusty stuff but can't deny it's cheap and stable. I recently had to make up some radiator cabinets/covers and MDF seemed the natural choice. They were to have a paint finish. All the tools I used were TCT and sharp. I sanded all the cut...
  13. J

    Scary Machines

    Glad you safe and well - moan like stink especially on a sunday morning when the store is full - that will at least get you money back and maybe a bit of compen. to keep you quiet. It's not just the cheap tools that go wrong. No matter what piece of kit if it goes past you at 1000 + rpm. it...
  14. J

    Downloading progs from BBC7 Dab Radio

    This is probably a question that's been asked before but----- Can I download a prog from BBC7 eg. The Navy Lark to my PC and if so how? If anyone cares to reply please keep advice simple as I'm really quite thick and not computer literate. Thanks in advance. Mike
  15. J

    Chair repair

    Just to add me own 2 pennorth. I agree the joints need to be knocked or pressed apart so you can have a good look at why they possibly failed in the first place. If after cleaning off all the old glue from both M&T you dry assemble and find the joint is sloppy you need a gap filling glue...