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    FOR SALE: Record Power DMS26 Drill Stand

    Yes I still have it it is very heavy shipping will be costly its up to you
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    FOR SALE: Record Power DMS26 Drill Stand

    I have one I no longer use if this is gone
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    Advice please in fitting external door frames

    You should have a dpc below the frame stops the rising damp rotting the frame
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    Brick, Beautiful, Damp, Chilly...

    I would use 25mm celotex on the walls tape the joints this will provide insulation and damp proofing in one go then fix 11mm osb over the celotex stagger the joints use 100mm masonry screws through both layers no need for any battens you finish up with a nice boarded wall perfect for fixing on...
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    Keeping warm

    I was given a in 125 000 btu industrial gas space heater a couple of years ago it heats my 700 sq foot workshop to 20 degrees in less than 5 mins i then maintain the heat with a electric fan heater works a treat
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    Resawing on bandsaw, which side of blade bulk of material?

    Is a single point fence a better way or not
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    Bosch GCM12GLD Axel Glide mitre Saw

    I am thinking of changing my mitre saw to as a space saving exercise to the bosch axel glide Is there someone out there who can tell me the measurement from the back of the saw to the face of the fence so I can compare it with my existing sliding rail version I just want to know how much extra...
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    Hammer C3 -31 combination machine

    I have a C331 I have 2 fences a short one for sawing and a planer fence they are a great machine accurate and easy to use you won't regret buying one
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    warping kitchen shaker doors

    Method 2 works for me just done some for my daughter all stayed flat
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    Touch control oven

    The problem is the oven temperature setting alters from say 190 to 275 you then shut the door and the oven then will heat up to the higher figure 275 this happens when there is a lot of steam AEG say this is normal You then have to reset the setting to 190 or the food will burn
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    Touch control oven

    We have a AEG touch control oven if you open the door during the cooking cycle to check progress or add some veg occasionally you get a lot of steam this will alter the heat setting ie 190 to 275 shut the door and the oven continues to cook at the higher setting (you then burn the food ) the...
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    Joint Genie

    I use mine a lot dowels are cheap accurate and easy to use
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    Pity non of you live close to me I usually have more than we can eat Cod Polack Plaice a few Turbot and Brill Mackerel by the hundredweight Gurnard are realy good to eat if you get the chance I brought 1 polack home last week it fed me my wife my daughters family (4) my sons family another (4)...
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    Concrete Slab for Workshop, Advice Needed.

    Put some A 142 mesh in the slab
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    Yes I eat it maybe 6 times a year The rolls royce of flatfish very expensive possibly the finest eating fish in our waters we would mostly pan fry it as we like it that way I only eat it because my other hobby is sea fishing and manage to catch a few each year the cost will hurt the wallet...