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  1. J

    Another timber ID...

    How sure are you of this id? I'm not testing / questioning you, just wondering if you're familiar with rubberwood, as i'm not.
  2. J

    Another timber ID...

    The grain is a bit of a nightmare though! (But without, it wouldn't be so interesting...)
  3. J

    Another timber ID...

    I had a pallet made of this, it was really rough before planing. it's dense, heavy. As you can see, parts have wild grain. I'm assuming that if it were oak, there would be more staining, but maybe it wasn't wet or old enough for the staining to have developed. I dunno. Any ideas, anyone?
  4. J

    Large ported subwoofer

    ... but do vocals get reproduced with a Northern Irish accent?
  5. J

    Cordless drill

    I have a Makita from the Nicad era, that doesn't grip drill bits well, but I think the brand is generally good. I recently bought a DeWalt [Li-Ion, of course] which early on was producing metal filings from the chuck when i used a 8mm [I think] bit! Both of those were from the bottom end of...
  6. J

    Just looking for a quick to tip

    Are you using the conventional fluted cone type, or the one that's smooth, with a hole drilled through it? I find the latter much better, though not perfect.
  7. J

    Large ported subwoofer

    Nice project and great techniques [the router jig, eg]. [Loved the description of your cable!] If anyone is running any length of cable from amp to driver, I'd recommend something beefy - say 13A mains cable - as the resistance starts to get significant. My understanding is that panel resonances...
  8. J

    stuck drill bit [FAQ?]

    Yay! success! Maybe 3 mins heating with a blowtorch (felt longer), minimal change to the colour of the bit and no sign of burning of the wood, and it came free. The wood 2-3 mm away did feel hot, though.
  9. J

    stuck drill bit [FAQ?]

    -- I don't have any of that, so i'll look out for it. But i can't afford to risk staining the wood with Plusgas, etc., unfortunately. (nor is time on my side) MikeG - there's plenty of bit to grip, but thanks. Pete -- good, thanks, worth a try, methinks. Phil -- also worth a go, particularly...
  10. J

    stuck drill bit [FAQ?]

    Sorry if this is an FAQ. I'm drilling pilot holes in oak handrail with a 3mm bit. The bit is one set in a hex drive [to be quick change]. That is, until it stuck in the mopstick, and the actual drill bit came out of the hex drive part. I've tried tightening the chuck of my DEWalt on it and...
  11. J

    Oak pig's ear handrail

    I bought some of their mopstick oak handrail over a year ago, and am just now fitting it!! It's good, well finished [sanded, not 'varnished'] one length is 3.6m and it has stayed straight. I can't fault it. If you've got joins that change direction and up/down angle, have fun getting the angle...
  12. J

    Underneath the stairs

    Thanks to all for your contributions! Steve - very useful BM101 - very funny [you should be writing for a magazine!] doctor Bob - very impressive.
  13. J

    new oak handrail, outside, varnish?

    I've thrown out the previous softwood mopstick hand rail that runs up the steps to our front door. I have bought sanded but bare 45mm mopstick oak hand rail and stainless steel brackets. My default plan was to 'varnish ' the oak with a low build treatment, and have a tin of OSMO UV Protection...
  14. J

    Frame and panel doors by the inexperienced?

    Apart from the fact I will waste that timber if I decide to do M&T after all, why 'Oh dear' ?