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  1. J

    Sharpening: A serrated knife?

    My home baked bread is so good, I don't bother slicing it - just tear it into chunks and eat it warm from the oven.
  2. J

    Thread dies, question.

    I wish the Sinclair thread would die.
  3. J

    Commode restoration: Sticky tape damage Part 1

    The next time I have to deal with sticky tape damage on an antique commode (or STDOAC, as we call it in this neck of the woods, to save time), yours will be the first instructional video I search for.
  4. J

    Mice and plastic pipes.

    Some years ago we had a problem at our tennis club with the 12v halogen downlights. Muggins went into the attic to investigate(shows how long ago it was - I probably couldn't squeeze in there now). There was a quite large traditional transformer ( Es and Is) up there, with multiple secondaries...
  5. J

    So this means back to real beer

    One minute there's too much CO2, the next moment there's not enough!!! Typical experts, always changing their minds! Wish I'd never sold my old diesel Merc now...
  6. J

    American Fridge problems, work down so far and advise sought

    Apologies for the fact that I haven't thoroughly read your post, but I have an attention span problem. However, we used to have a Samsung fridge freezer if a similar appearance at our tennis club, at which I was the volunteer bar chair. Two or three times, over the years, the fridge side stopped...
  7. J

    Sir Clive Sinclair

    I have no desire to badmouth Clive, but he's always spoken of as an inventor. What did he actually invent? As far as I can remember, he marketed some small things and some cheap things, and some small cheap things. Plus the C5, neither small nor cheap, but pointless. None of these were...
  8. J

    Joke thread

    Those who immediately saw snipe, pines or peins are reading woodworking forums today.
  9. J

    Sharpening Jig - What do you think?

    That's hilarious. I disagree with people all the time, that's part of life. It's the constant bullying that prompts me to post in the first place in cases like this.
  10. J

    Sharpening Jig - What do you think?

    Or his American twin.
  11. J

    Joke thread

    Don't worry about it, I doubt she's heard of you.
  12. J

    Joke thread

    Prince Andrew is being threatened with legal action in America. In a court. Emma Raducanu played tennis on a court, in America.
  13. J

    Anyone tried these?

    Looks like a stupid gimmick to me. My saw only runs in one direction, anyway.
  14. J

    Lots of hot air

    If you take the endpoints of both graphs, which is what the person who drew this is attempting to compare, they show a percentage increase of around 30% in heat related deaths in the over 65s. Yes, I agree that the first graph doesn't show the whole picture, but even allowing for the increase...
  15. J

    Lots of hot air

    Why would you say that? It's true, of course, but I have used elementary arithmetic since I left school. All I'm saying is that the one graph shows an increase of 100%, the other shows an increase of 77%. The y axes have been chosen to make the trend look identical. This is simple stuff. Kindly...