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    I've just been told I'm a "very rude man"!

    Because you get numpties ringing on the 999 system asking where they can get a taxi etc.. Whatever your priority system they are still blocking the line for emergency calls. It can take valuable time to assess a call's priority.
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    Stranded in France!

    I have done a little research for the area you are in,Picardie. There are some numbers you could try here: Also a list of garages in Amiens who offer breakdown recovery...
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    Another one for Jonzjob

    Not entirely sure of the date but in 1943/1944 (I think '44) my father smuggled me into RAF Mildenhall (we walked through a hole in the perimeter which was used as a short cut by personnel to save a long detour through the main gate :shock:) and I was given a tour of a Stirling. The aircraft...
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    Another one for Jonzjob

    @ Colinc I see you have a Beagle Pup 150 in your photo gallery. Wondered what the connection was. I did my GFT on a Pup 150.
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    I want to make a coffee table out of railway sleepers

    Are they new sleepers or recovered? I ask because if they are recovered they may well have been treated and, personally, I would not use them for such a purpose. Some of the treatments are carcinogenic.
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    Do you think these oak veneer french doors look any good?

    Looks as if they make to order.
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    Is this the biggest scam of all time?

    I don't think it was his invention. Water or steam injection was being tried pre-war. It was also used in WWII in some fighter engines. If you Google "Water injection in combustion engines" you will get a number of interesting hits. I believe it is an extension of the observable phenomenon...
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    Kity 619 Blade Diameter Query

    I have a 270mm rip blade for my 619. It withdraws below the table. Came with the saw and is marked "Kity".
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    Fein dustex orTrend T30?

    Trend here also. Very pleased.
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    routing dog holes

    I'll probably get shot down for this, but I looked at this problem myself several times (a woodworking hobbyist) in the end I used a hand-held drill with a 20mm wood drill. I made it as upright as I possibly could by eye and a square and then drilled the holes. I felt, and so far have been...
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    Interesting to compare the posts against the "ratings" against each poster. :shock: :lol: From "Very Sharp" to "Valued Contributor" etc. :lol:
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    Morticer chuck help please....

    They look similar to the Multico collets. If you get stuck you could give them a ring: Multico SARL 15 Rue des Alouettes St Remy 71100 France Tel: 0033 385 486 672 Fax: 0033 385 486 913 English spoken. I found them helpful.
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    Have you seen the size of this !!!!!!!!!

    You could make some tall bar stools with that. :D Correction very tall bar stools. :lol:
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    Multico M1 Morticer

    Shane, Sorry for delay. I keep a 12mm chisel in the machine which does me for most jobs I want.
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    Multico M1 Morticer

    If it is any help, I have just measured my M1 and it will plunge a total 21cm (21.5cm but that is hitting the base plate :shock: ). It goes through oak, with decent chisels, with no problem. I haven't gone the full 21cm but am sure it will do the depths you are talking about without any...