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    Did you buy any cheap tools that surprised you with being actually good?

    I was contemplating buying a small Wera socket and screwdriver set, about £70 if I remember correctly. Way too expensive IMHO. I ended up buying an equivalent set from Aldi for £14. Fantastic bit of kit. I use it virtually every single day and have done for a few years, absolutely perfect. I'll...
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    Jigsaw carbon brushes question

    Thanks everyone for your input. I've now received a pair of new brushes, all fitted and the jigsaw is working fine. It'll be interesting to see how they wear down in the future, but for now, the jigsaw is back up and running :):)
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    Jigsaw carbon brushes question

    Anyone else know if brushes wear unevenly in a power tool? Surely most members would have replaced brushes in a tool at some point.
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    Jigsaw carbon brushes question

    I was using my Bosch GST 135 BCE jigsaw yesterday. It began making a slight popping noise and the power became intermittent. I checked the brushes and noticed one of them was nearly completely worn down, whilst the other one had hardly worn down at all. As a quick workaround until I ordered some...
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    MFT - wossit all about?

    Jacob, I'm not sure what all these expensive gadgets are that you're going on about. I've been using the MFT top extensively for about seven years on virtually every project. The top was £40 and will last for many, many years and I've never felt the need for ANY expensive gadgets. The cuts are...
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    Alternative Saw Blade for Festool TS55

    Another vote for the Festool 28T blade. I find it gives a fantastic clean cut and only I switch to the finer toothed blade for the most demanding situations.
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    Triton TSPS450 450W Oscillating Spindle Sander

    I've owned the Triton bobbin sander for a few years and I'm extremely happy with it and would buy the same again without a doubt. I can highly recommend it. The sanding sleeves seem to last ages and are very durable. I clean mine, during and after every use with an inexpensive belt cleaner from...
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    Good router bit for use with a Sled (sledge?)

    I really wouldn't be concerned with the router tipping. If the sled is well made, there's almost zero possibility of that happening.
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    Good router bit for use with a Sled (sledge?)

    I stand to be corrected and I'm the first to admit I don't have a fraction of the experience of a lot of the members here. But when I used my big Triton TRA001 with a 50mm surfacing bit in a sled to surface long wide planks. I didn't feel in any way it was unsafe to do so, or I wouldn't have...
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    Good router bit for use with a Sled (sledge?)

    For the sake of £9, it's got to be worth a try. If you decide it's not good enough for your needs and decide to go for something a little better. I can thoroughly recommend the surfacing bits from Wealdon Tools. I believe they used to do two different types. I can't remember off-hand which one I...
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    router plate

    Assuming you have basic woodworking skills, there are plenty of ideas for home made router tables on YouTube. Not difficult to make and I'm sure other forum members will be happy to advise, should you need any advice or get overwhelmed with the construction.
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    For Sale Combination oil stone

    A good stone. I frequently see them at the boot sales for 50p. They seem to be quite common down here.
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    Glue advice needed please

    Excellent suggestion about using the tape, thanks. I hadn't thought of that and it's something I have plenty of too. Would a very thin coat of Osmo Hard Wax Oil be suitable to seal the wood before using the tape? I have plenty of that and it would save having to buy varnish specifically.
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    Glue advice needed please

    Thanks everyone for the advice. I shall use some epoxy and make sure the metal has had a thorough wipe with thinners first. The reason I'm using the steel rulers is because I want to add-on and easily remove some things that will be attached to the MDF. These are also made from MDF and I'll be...
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    Glue advice needed please

    I need to glue six 2mm thick 30cm long steel rulers to a piece of MRMDF. 2mm deep recesses have been routed into the MDF to allow the rulers to sit flush. The rulers will be secured only by the glue. Could anyone tell me please what would be the best glue to use to give a strong permanent bond...