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  1. J

    Astronomy Binoculars or small Telescope

    for £200 budget I'd go for binoculars.
  2. J

    Headstock/tailstock alignment

    You could possibly use a laser collimator, you would be able to pick up one off ebay for using to allign the mirrors in a telescope I'd think for about £20. Problem is that it would have a parallel shank to suit a telescope lens rather than a morse taper. It might be enough to let you know...
  3. J

    Cleaning / caring Saw Blades and Router bits

    Best stuff Ive found for cleaning saw blades is Trisodium phosphate. I got some to clean a bit of an accident with oil on the driveway. It cleaned the crud off the sawblades in minutes. Got to be careful with it though its pretty aggressive!
  4. J


    Bob I think you basically heat it up and slap some oil on it. I think it must polymerise to form a protective layer
  5. J


    Sorry I can't recommend any non stick frying pans, anything I've bought has failed to last. With regards to the commercial kitchen - I think they just about had heart failure when we told them, as the upgrading costs are considerable. The connected load of these kitchens is massive. Plus its...
  6. J


    The range on this one was supplied by a company called Enodis, it was made in france. The power supply to the site was already three phase but has had to be upgraded from 250amps per phase to 400amps per phase to handle the kitchen. I am hoping to get a better look at the hobs before it opens...
  7. J


    I see Tom's already mentioned the fan lol
  8. J


    I'm in the throws of sorting out a design for our kitchen, but need to extend the house first. I'm the cook in our house but my wife wants to have final say on appearance so its looking like we will be having part fitted and part freestanding. I just do what I'm told in the end and will just...
  9. J


    It will depend to an extent the length of the main duct run and also the number of bends etc but Id expect you would get better performance with a 125mm dia main duct run, expecially if you have a few bends in it.
  10. J

    Extractor motor occasionally won't start?

    If its single phase then its probably a capacitor start induction motor. The capacitor creates a phase angle between the start and run windings to enable the motor to start moving in the preferred direction. Normally there's a centrifugal switch on the end of the motor under the cooling fan...
  11. J

    Kitchen Cabinets

    Lovely work Monster, well done!
  12. J

    Working with brass

    Files and cuts nicely. Goes faster than steel, but best with sharp/ new hacksaw blade or file. Blunt file on brass is not great.
  13. J

    Use of rectangular duct profile for dust extraction?

    Sounds like a plan Hugov. Flowrate is about 270l/sec with a duct velocity of about 23metres per second which is in the range recommended 20-25m/s. Friction losses will be a few pascals per metre, looking at CIBSE guides its about 3pa/m but your fitting losses are the main issue at those...
  14. J

    Use of rectangular duct profile for dust extraction?

    Rectangular will have a higher friction loss but the main losses are likely to be due to fittings which vary with velocity presssure or 1/2 x density of air x velocity^2 which is about 0.6xV^2. You need a decent velocity in the ductwork to prevent the dust etc settling in the ductwork and...
  15. J

    Cutting Steel with Circular Saw

    Ive not used mine that much to be fair. Mainly up the 80mm box section and some 40x10mm flat bar, and a fair bit of firewood - but that doesn't really count. To be honest for me its been worth it for processing firewood as its so much faster than messing about with a chainsaw. The...