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    Bl**dy Mice

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    What wood

    Some you could have sworn was balsa whereas the heavier stuff sometimes appeared purplish and looked quite good.
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    Which plane for shooting board?

    Over the years I've found that sanity is much over-rated. ;)
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    What wood

    Used to see something similar across here described as Philippines mahogany. It is related to meranti I think.
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    Bl**dy Mice

    I spent quite a time trying to trace a 'leak' in our sewerage. The stink was intermittent and finally I realised it was from the ceiling light flex. but only when the light was on. Easily fixed then. Some plastics do disintegrate and stink. It's common in some hard plastic dolls of a certain...
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    Recommend a good wood finishes book

    Staining and Polishing by Charles Hayward. First published in 1946 and still available.
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    Which plane for shooting board?

    At school some 65 years ago we used a wooden jack plane, but then it was the only plane we used.
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    Offer of pear wood...

    ditto but I'd have to renew my passport and clean out my bank account ;)
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    How do you know you're getting old...

    So am I but my experience now tells me I'm right ;)
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    How do you know you're getting old...

    Perhaps growing old is when you realise that you wouldn't really want to meet your opinionated younger self ;)
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    How do you know you're getting old...

    My shaving mirror tries to give me a hint. It started by turning my hair grey, then it gave up on me and somehow changed to my father. Then it changed to my grandfather! I think I need an electric razor ;)
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    general advice or thoughts

    The best advice I was given sounded the silliest but it made sense in practice. The tool will let you know what it wants to do (is happy doing). There are four factors in the process, you, the lathe, the wood and the tool and all four have limitations.
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    Anyone had this before?

    But can you get it in different colours? ;)
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    Misheard lyrics

    Going back a long time, how about the lines, Does eat oats etc (I think). which always seemed to be 'dozy dotes'
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    Not sure what to finish with?

    Brylcreem (however it's spelled)