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    Joke thread

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    Joke thread

    I got myself a seniors' GPS. Not only does it tell me how to get to my destination, it tells me why I wanted to go there.
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    Joke thread

    It's a five minute walk from my house to the pub It's a 35 minute walk from the pub to my house The difference is staggering
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    Evening All

    You've made some beautiful things, taking a whole lot of skill. I particularly like the proportions on the bookcase. The chair is very good as well. very well done!
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    Attaching to an old church

    Another one for the future - fishing line? It's strong and almost invisible (well, the thin stuff is).
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    Finally joined the Festool club!

    "Wel Jel!" Lol:sick:
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    1962 Meddings Dril-tru Drill Press (Mk2 9373/LT/II) light restoration

    Wilkinsons sell cable by the metre.......HTH
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    EVs again - the sensible approach

    £4,800 for an electric bike??? WTF??? That could buy you a motor scooter or a second-hand motorbike!
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    Joke thread

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    Where have all the bandsaws gone?

    On Friday I went to view a bandsaw in a farmyard auction later that day. It had no power to it, so couldn't see it running. Wheel tyres perished, top guide bearings seized, 16.5mm max cutting height. Couldn't see a well known makers name, but did uncover the motor plate to find Elektra Beckum...
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    Axminster AT129PT replacement cutters on Spiral Head

    I have no affiliation with ScottandSargeant whatsoever, but THAT is good customer service! Are you watching, Axminster? No, thought not. Well done Paul.