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  1. J

    hinge jig

    Hi all, anyone got any tips on making a hinge jig for cutting out with the router. Going to hang afew doors. All tips appreciated. Cheers Jeff 8)
  2. J

    this is for the lads who like a bit of crack

    Brilliant !! now wheres me glass :D
  3. J


    Agree with Noely Jeff
  4. J

    Snare Drum Restoration

    can you put a picture on. i doubt it is as old as you think as back then they were mostly rope tensioned drums. you must ask is it worth restoring as you can pick up adecent secondhand fully working drum quite cheap especially as bands are forever trading them in. is it off akit of a marching...
  5. J

    Has Axminster gone insane?!

    Cheap at twice the price and well worth it. How many England shirts were burnt last weekend !!!!!!!!!! at least the tears could have put the fire out!!!!. I'll take 3 please!! Jeff Sorry Alf couldn't rsist it We don't get much to gloat about very often so you gotta savour the moment.
  6. J

    Great British Woodshop - What do you think now?

    Dewey, brilliant idea and yes restrict it to B&Q/Screwfix or any of the Shed!! available tools. Only those really interested in woodworking will have heard of Axminster. H&L should have a dedicated woodworking channel with no fishing or house hunting. I think we should petition H&l for a good...
  7. J

    Nutool router table and 1200w router

    Just bought both from makro £24.99 each. I going to try and play with them soon and let you all know what they are like for cheapies. Has any one else tried them? Anyway I couldn't resist the bargain price ( I know, I know you only get what you pay for but it's a start!!!). So time to make more...
  8. J

    Professional or amateur

    Amateur. i would like to get into it full time or I would really like to sell the tools and play(I mean demonstrate) with them. I quite fancy making hand built kitchens. So if someone out there wants to take me on and give me lots of money for my presence drop me a line!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: Jeff
  9. J

    Toggle clamps

    Noel, I'm in Comber. Jeff :D
  10. J

    Toggle clamps

    Neil, www.hardwoodni.com is James McGregors website. Jeff
  11. J

    Toggle clamps

    Neil, you could also try James McGregor in Belfast. They are importers specialising in hardwoods. If I find their website I will post it here for you. Jeff
  12. J

    Forum Users Bandsaws

    I have the EB BAS 250G and it basically does what it says on the tin. 1st thing is throw away the blade that comes with it. I found that once you start to learn how to set it up its starts to perform better. As I am fairly new to woodworking I am still abit impatient over setting up tool and i...
  13. J


    OK forget about Tormek etc. I have used the scarey sharp method on a 20 quid Stanley from B&Q and a 6quid out of the local cheapie shop. Must say the 6 quid one works better than the Stanley but thats besides the point. What are your methods for sharpening plane and chisel blades. I'm still...
  14. J

    Hand Plane vs Electric <grin>

    Well if what most people say is true I think a LieNielsen will win hands down every time. Don't think I'll ever know I can only dream of a LieNielsen. I would probably only wreck it anyway. :lol: :lol:
  15. J

    Bandsaw Blade tracking

    Whenever you figure out how to fix it please let me know. I have the same saw and the same problem. I have tried almost everything but it still works fine even with the blade slightly off the bottom wheel. :?