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  1. J

    Adding potentiometer to bench grinder.

    That New England guy on YouTube with the cap and mustache has a hand-driven wheel in his studio. Workshop, I mean. There's a variable-speed grinder right there. Down in Sicily we still get old guys going door to door to sharpen knives, scissors, whatnot, all with a hand grinder on the back of...
  2. J

    Your opinion about logos.

    Reviews are way more important to me than branding. But they'd want to be demonstrably trustworthy. Unlike Tripadvisor and Amazon... I'd trust a review on a forum like this more, 'cos I can check if the reviewer is kosher or not. That said, I'd rather see an etched or stamped logo, than a...
  3. J

    what type of wood? Need to replace veneer

    Hi guys I need to replace the veneer on thus rather lovely Parker Knoll coffee table, but the question is, what wood is this? The same tables online say teak, but I'm not sure thats not just lazy sellers putting 'teak! Teak! Teak' on everything. Same adverts say the '60s, but it looks more...
  4. J

    Bronze Miniature Hand Plane - What Use?

    Sold for Eur55 and Eur60, in case anyone is interested. I may have bought one. Oh dear. I do hope it's not a bottle opener.
  5. J

    Securing your workshop

    So when we moved into our 'forever home', typical 2-story semi-d, I was concerned about the possibility of thieves hiding in the front garden and at the side gate. This is due to the street lighting casting deep dark shadows in those places. So I installed dawn-to-dusk lights on the front and...
  6. J

    Quicker table flattening (resin/wood)

    I would just like to know, what is the problem with the finish out of the mould? In my wayward youth I worked in a fibreglass boat shop, a significant amount of time went into prepping the mould before laying any glass down, specifically to reduce the time needed for the finish. Is there some...
  7. J

    Tool chest

    Mizziga che bello. C'e' ancora spazio la sotto per un altro paio delle pialle! Ho notato che Lei ha le sege tipo Iapponese, e non quelle, diciamo, piu European? O sono un tipo Neapolitane? cmq davvero un buon lavoro. Complimenti da Dublino.
  8. J

    Securing your workshop

    So I train people in self defence (Krav Maga, mainly, with a bit of BJJ and Jeet Kune Do) and we always ask in the first class of the foundation course; what things are you willing to kill someone for? Unsurprisingly, very few list cars, money, or any other possessions. Never mind spilt pints...
  9. J

    Middle of Lidl starts today

    I've had the previous version since 2018, it was a Scheppach. No problems with heavy DIY use. Needs a lot of spcae behind for the slide rails. Largely put up now waiting for Big Jobs as I got the smaller cordless mitre saw recently. That one does fine for quickly cutting pieces to length for...
  10. J

    Securing your workshop

    Most modern wireless alarms come with cycling frequencies and jamming detection, which will trigger the alarm. Mine does, for example. That said, I don't see the need if the workshop has power. Wiring up a workshop, you can leave the wires exposed, just nailed the wall. Can't do that in a 2...
  11. J

    Securing your workshop

    Sorry to hear about your tools. Scumsuckers will probably have them up on online sites tomorrow... Unfortunately I think the likelihood of a second robbery are higher now as they know you have a workshop and tools, and they know how to get in and out. Cameras are not a deterrant control...
  12. J

    Small Workshop Vacuum

    Thread with some discussion about Mitre saw dust setups... Height of workbench for Mitre Saw
  13. J

    Small Workshop Vacuum

    Yep a cyclone is on my must-do list. Not very hard diy, or buy one. Some comments on other threads about cyclones, including from banggood, which work fine. Now, mitre saws especially are terrible for dust. A member recently put up a photo of his bench with a box built around the mitre saw to...
  14. J

    Antiques Forums

    There's a whole section in art history studies about this! Look up the Stuckist Manifesto.
  15. J

    Bronze Miniature Hand Plane - What Use?

    Well unless they are going for pennies, I think I'll keep my money for another time. I'll let youse know what they go for. I think they're probably Chinese things, decorative or not, this auctioneer sells a lot of collections from deceased estates, carpets, porcelain, etc. I wonder how much...