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  1. J

    drum sander?

    Here's one I made earlier 🤭🤣🤣
  2. J

    Post a pic of something you have recycled

    Disc and drum Sanders from old washing machine motors.
  3. J

    Black & Decker Workmate - Do you?

    I bought my B&D professional dual height Workmate in the early '70s. It's got the extension arms for holding sheets etc. I have actually worked on a door using them. As you can see it had a heck of a lot of use (and abuse 🙄) Still in use though not so much lately.
  4. J

    Old jointer

  5. J

    Old jointer

    I bought this jointer many years ago. I fitted a motor and stand etc. but I've no idea what make it is, I can't find any identification Mark's. It's 6 inch and has 2 cutters on the block. As you can see it has no guard I made the crude but pretty useless one you can see. Can I get a guard for...
  6. J

    Dado stacks

    Thanks Eric. Excellent video, answers all my questions. I have got a Dado stack set that came with a used RA saw I bought, but I don't think I'll ever use it👍🏻
  7. J

    Dado stacks

    At the risk of opening a Hornet's nest, I get the distinct impression that the use of Dado stacks is frowned upon over here. The Americans seem to use them quite a lot (according to YouTube🙄). I assume it's a safety issue, (or several safety issues).
  8. J

    Brummer stopping

  9. J

    Brummer stopping

    They are probably at least 50 years old. I transferred them from original packs to sealed containers when they were still just usable but haven't got back to them since. I seem to remember someone suggesting meths or white spirit, but I can't be sure.
  10. J

    Brummer stopping

    Can anyone please advise. I've got some pots of different colour Brummer stopping which have gone hard. I seem to remember being told the best way to revive them, but I've forgotten🙄. Thanks.
  11. J

    which way for the blade?

    Thanks for replies👍🏻. I do remember an engineer friend of mine telling me to fit a hacksaw blade to cut on the pull stroke. I hadn't thought of the frame strength being a factor with coping and fretsaw! It also makes sense to be cutting into the "good" side rather than pulling through.
  12. J

    which way for the blade?

    Can anyone please advise. Am I right in the belief that the blade for a hacksaw, coping saw and fretsaw are fitted to cut on the backstroke. I've always fitted them this way and it seems to work but I'm sure I heard or read something recently that the fretsaw blade should be fitted the other...
  13. J

    Time for a new Drill & Impact driver....what's your thoughts?

    I've had the 18v Hitachi drill and driver for many years now. Plenty of site work, now mainly DIY. Couldn't fault them.
  14. J

    Cordless Drills & Battery Conditioning

    I'm on my third replacement NiCds for my Hitachi 18v drill and driver and batteries getting expensive, so I found compatible Li Ion for half the price and a charger for around £20. No probs so far (just have to get used to it stopping dead when spent). Charges quickly and seems to hold it ok.