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  1. Jarhead1009

    Coronet major restoration

    Saved from a shed on facebook for £100 back in working order! Still needs a bit of work.
  2. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Major

    Mechanical fitter by trade pal 😁👍
  3. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Major

    Thanks everyone, ordered a chuck and adaptor yesterday
  4. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Consort chuck recommendations

  5. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Major lathe headstock Insert

  6. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Consort chuck recommendations

    Dont suppose you have the details of the Ebay machinist?
  7. Jarhead1009

    Scaffold pole table legs? Any experience

    I have made them im the past with key clamp and they are fairly stable, I also made the one pictured below from 1/2” bsp pipe, one of the benifits is that it is easily levelled as the fittings are all threaded together! Also comes in 1” plus if you want something more sturdy. pipe ordered cut...
  8. Jarhead1009

    Lathe bed.

    I’ve been looking for a cast iron bed similar to the one in the attached photo that i am wanting to use for a table base. does anybody have anything simillar? can be in a restorable condition. thanks in advance!
  9. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Major lathe headstock Insert

    Interested! Having similar issues
  10. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Consort chuck recommendations

    7/8 OD and 16 TPI matches neither of these standardised threads. Trying to find this out mysef! Looks like maybe UNS.
  11. Jarhead1009

    Coronet Major

    Hi all, having recently purchased a Coronet Major I am looking to purchase a Robert Sorby scroll chuck for it, having issues with the threads being uncommon? Are there inserts available anywhere? Many thanks!
  12. Jarhead1009

    Another newbie here

    Hi Robbo, I would also really appreciate a PDF of the Major manual please!