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  1. J

    quality workwear

    I wear englebert strauss trousers. They are very good for wear! i tend to wear mine every day, and do plenty of crawling on my knees. Got the active ES last time as the knees are stronger. They tend to last me 8 to 10 months whereas previous trousers (snickers etc) would only last 5 or 6. Only...
  2. J

    Pro Cabinetmaker sugestions needed.

    Hi, I don't have enough free time at the moment to do it as an on the side jobby, but he could try the firm I work for? We're in Sheffield but frequent the peak district a fair amount. Its also where I grew up.The Company is only small (4 of us) and is called My Fathers Heart Ltd. Cheers, James.
  3. J

    Which Workshop Vacuum?

    Iv Decided to go for the Nilfisk from screwfix. Picked it up today and will try it out tomorrow evening. Andy im not too worried about noise levels, as any prolonged use such as sanding i wear noise isolating earphones with my ear defenders on the top. Even with no music playing i am literally...
  4. J

    Which Workshop Vacuum?

    Thanks for the help guys. I think i am going to go for the smaller 25l Nilfisk. Its a lot cheaper than the larger ones and with this sort of item id rather buy new (never know how much abuse it has been given). It is still a small toss up between this and the axminster version as i have one of...
  5. J

    Which Workshop Vacuum?

    Hello all. I am currently in need of a vacuum for a house that i am renovating, so its going to be sucking up all sorts like lumps of mortar and fine plaster dust. But i have decided i may as well get one that will serve well hooked up to power tools in the workshop once i am done with the...
  6. J

    Staircase Spindles advice

    Hmm now theres an idea.. I could easily make a rebated piece and then add the second side afterwards. Think i may do that. Thanks for the tips everyone! Will start on it this weekend. James
  7. J

    Staircase Spindles advice

    No, Not looked yet, but judging by the other houses in the area (which look to be identical), they all seem to have hardboard over them. Also, knocking on the boards it sounds very hollow apart from every foot or so, assuming these are just bearers to take the hardboard?
  8. J

    Staircase Spindles advice

    Hello all. Im after a bit of advice regarding my staircase. This isnt my usual area of expertise so dont know much of the regs etc. I understand that the spindles have to be no more than 100mm apart though. Basically, I am doing up a house at the moment, and it has hardboard between the...
  9. J


    I have a dell and have had no problems. Battery isnt great though but has never bothered me. I got mine from the dell outlet (google it but make sure its the uk one). I got a 900quid laptop for just over 500. Most of them are customer returns, but the most they may ever have is a cosmetic...
  10. J

    Whats the largest bits of wood you've hand planed?

    I reckon I can beat you once again... 2 French Oak Beams. 6Meters long, 300mm x 300mm. So heavy we had to use a forklift to turn them over. Planed 3 sides of each. There were also 5 more beams that were a mere 4.5meters long, 250mm x 250mm. Pics with 4" belt sander at one end then the other...
  11. J

    Jet JTS 600

    I did! Very pleased with it so far!
  12. J

    Oak Cupboard Unit

    Yeah, i think that is one of the most challenging of things in woodworking..trying to work out how long a job will take. always seems to be longer than expected eh! I think im going to get a set of door cutters. i would get some for the spindle moulder but they are just too pricey, will save...
  13. J

    Osmo Polyx matt standard oil

    Hi andy, iv not used the matt but have used plenty of satin. Its very easy to apply and seems pretty durable. iv just used some on a piece of furniture but also used it on an oak celing. this required the odd bit of resanding and finishing and the repairs in the finish blended in very well. i...
  14. J

    Oak Cupboard Unit

    Woodbloke - The use of a domino would not of sped up the carcase production in this case really. the base was biscuited in and the 2 top stretcher rails are dovetailed. The top is screwed to this with slotted holes. Superunknown. the finish i have used is osmo polyx hardwax oil. Very easy to...
  15. J

    Oak Cupboard Unit

    Hudson you dont have a very high day rate if your saying 2/3 days work for £300? Materials have come in at about £350 i think. However from your prices my time must be well off. unless you have different ways of doing things. But i would say the initial machining and final finishing would be...