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    2022 Secret Santa

    Hi Phil, I am definately in again this year. Thanks again for organising it all. JAmes
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    Hi from Salisbury

    Welcome to the forum, I am just down the road from you in Southampton
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    Plunge saw - battery or corded?

    It depends on the work you are going to put it to. I have a Makita corded saw which has given sterling service. However I did a large flat roof project for my son and would have dearly loved a cordless saw. When I am cutting up sheets for cabinets as others have said I use extraction and the...
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    Non-ferrous metal turning

    Hi Democrotus, I can see where you are coming from and particularly with brass the swarf goes everywhere (face shield essential) but the non-ferous metals that are proposed are unlikely to get into the bearings or workings of the lathe (which compared to an engineering lathe is very simple)...
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    Non-ferrous metal turning

    A a metal worker I think this looks to be a good solution. The XY table looks to be well made in the pictures and the quick change tool holder, whilst not absoultly necessary is a fair price and should make setting up the cutter straightforward. My one recomendation would be to use a piece of...
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    Name that wood.......

    My vote is for Elm. My parents have a 400 year old farm house and the first floor has Elm floor boards, they are exactly that colour (or darker) and marking.
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    Skateboard Ramp - Bending plywood

    I made one with my son many moons back. If I recal we use 2 layers of 4mm ply glued and screwed together. I honestly can't remember if it was to get the radius or it was all we could get. What I do recal id avoid flxy ply. We tried it first ant the first time he used it he went straight...
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    Wadkin RU lathe restoration

    The reason I saw the lathes is a sadly similar story. Eastleigh had bee a train repair depot but it was closed due to poor access - wait for it.... They couldn't bring the trains and carriages in on a lorry. They were however built on the main rail line from Southampton to London! I attended...
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    Wadkin RU lathe restoration

    Interesting Lathe, The Loco wheel lathes I have seen in out local works (Eastleigh) were horizontal and burried in the floor. The face plate was about the same size as that one though.
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    8.A New toy

    I have had a 3D printer for a few years now and wouldn't be without it. It has become an invaluable tool in my arsenal. Is it the be all and end all no, but then a hand plane is pretty useless if you want to drill a hole. As a weekend metal/wood worker one advantage for me is I can design...
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    Hello everyone

    Hello and welcom
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    Hello from Southampton

    Hello and welcome
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    Covid vaccine, if you haven't had it ...

    So very sorry for your loss Phil
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    Old tools from eBay or brand new tools to start

    My advice would be to first decide on a project, and get some decent timber. I know it seems counter intuative, you don't want to learn on somthing expensive but if all you ever use is cheep fast grown DIY store softwood, you will find getting a good result much harder. Spend the time to learn...
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    Secondhand Tools in Oxford area ?

    Not tools, but this place is worth a visit Obviously they have the usueal ply sheets and scaffold boards but when I have visited they havea surprising selction of hardwoods.