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    Withdrawn BOSCH GCM 12 SDE Professional *REDUCED*

    £275.00 Collection or Local Delivery £250.00 Any questions just ask, can deliver with 25 miles of FY5 after viewing. High cutting capacity. Extremely high cutting capacity 120 mm vertical and 400 mm horizontal enables cuts in very large workpieces Fast, tool-free saw blade change ensures easy...
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    Advice, please. SIP 10 x 6 Planer Thicknesser

    Hello Everybody, I've been a 'licenced listener' for some time and found great advice that veered me away from some potential bad buys, for that I'm grateful. I'm in the 'want' market for a Thickness Planer and have come across this SIP 10 x 6, I'm aware that it has aluminium tables etc, I'm no...
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    Kity Planer / Thicknesser 636 or SIP Planer / Thicknesser 10" x 6" - 01454

    A zero for the Sip, I'm surprised. Looks like Kity is, as expected the favourite. Feel free to pitch in if you have any feedback.
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    Kity Planer / Thicknesser 636 or SIP Planer / Thicknesser 10" x 6" - 01454

    Looking for a reasonable planer/thicknesser and have come across the above. My heart says Kity but I think it's quite a lot older than the Sip. Can I ask them that knows, what your advice would be? Mainly hobby use but I do come across some quite chunky, broad and long timber that needs...
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    Makita router lift

    Try this search on YouTube there are lots of various DIY lifts there
  6. Old Coop Area01.jpg

    Old Coop Area01.jpg

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    Chicken Coop

    Hi, I volunteer at Easterleigh Animal Sanctuary and offered to build a new coop for the chickens! That's been a bit of a project, from moving the resident chickens into temp accommodation, a spare stable. Demolish and dig out really poor concrete bed and pour a new footing for the new coop...
  8. Easterleigh Chicken Coop

    Easterleigh Chicken Coop

    The Coop from Digging new footings to Painted.
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