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    Thinking of new Disc Sander

    Or if you have a lathe make up a sanding disc and table to go on the lathe and save on space and money. I use mine all the time (needed to do this as I am short of space in the shop)
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    Anyone lifted a full size snooker table 1-1/2"

    I would echo the caution in this post. If you want to continue to use it as a snooker table then you need to treat it as a piece of precision machinery. Personally, I would get some expert advice.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Very nice work. I've used 01 to date because I can harden in my little Devil Forge and temper in the kitchen oven - works fine but over time the tarnish detracts from the look. Stainless Steel treatment looks way beyond me in terms of heat treatment - is the XHP you reference any easier ?
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    Help - table saw rise and fall isn't working

    If there is a a threaded rod (called a worm drive/gear ?) you might find the thread has worn so the raising element keeps slipping ? This happened to my fathers table saw. I think grease and sawdust can be quite abrasive over time.
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    Sharpening upgrade

    With the sharpening jigs on my Tormek I'm back on the lathe in seconds as well - I can't sharpen freehand for toffee ! Jigs all the way ...
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    Heating a garage workshop

    Bit more expense but I have a similar garage and three things made an unbelievable difference; 1. Swap the up and over door for a pair of side opening doors 2. Fit a substantial high quality door cill to stop the draughts round the bottom 3. Insulate the back of the doors with celotex or similar...
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    Black stains after stripping oak table - any suggestions?

    I stripped a similar table. When I removed the legs the original mounting holes from the lathe were still there, so I was able to put them straight back on the lathe and re-sand whilst maintaining the original shape. Quite a quick process too.
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    Putting your binoculars on a tripod for everyday use (wildlife watching for example) makes an enormous difference - it feels like you have upgraded to a whole new pair.
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    What is your most useful tool

    Combination Square - many marking and laying out functions in one tool
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    Furniture restoration

    Thomas Johnson Furniture Restoration on You Tube did some work on a long case clock a while back. He uses proper methods in his work so happy to recommend a viewing.
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    Getting started with segmented woodturning

    I attached some thick wood to a faceplate (my wood is 30mm - just two pieces of chipboard from some cheap furniture glued together), turned a 300mm diameter disk, then attached a self-adhesive abrasive disc. I've done loads of segmented with it. I also made a sanding table which can be attached...
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    Garage in winter

    Keis do heated motorcycle garments, including gilets and sleeved fleeces. They are well reviewed and can be used with a battery pack. Not cheap but a game changer, my wife loves hers and I borrow it when I can. On the building front try and get some insulation up on the walls and doors...
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    Chuck removal

    My Dad fit a washer for this reason and it introduced a noticeable wobble, so check it's still running true after fitting.
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    50 window frames to sand .. in situ.

    The Bahco scaper is brilliant, lots of uses and a massive time saver.