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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Really appreciate the complexity in its simplicity, it looks fabulous.
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    Acceptable accuracy?

    Thanks for the affirmations I shall do as instructed and make something square .
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    Acceptable accuracy?

    I have made my first table saw sledge and getting totally obsessed with accuracy, I think it's the lockdown mentality finally pushing me over the edge. Using the 5 cut method, on a board 27.5mm long the differences between point A and B was 0.05mm, divided by the 4 cuts = .0125 and divided by...
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    Quick release vice just too tedious? This is for you :)

    My desire to own one of these or any multitude of shiny workshop kit is inversely proportional my need for it, it does look good though you have to admit.
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    No need to buy expensive circular saws any more!

    As I age I have little excitement in my life, this may be the solution!!
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    Harlequin side table

    I love this, the detail is fantastic, I am a little green with envy at your level of skill.
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    Sweeping up

    I think it is fair to say the HSE are not perfect but with the work they have done getting companies to acknowledge their responsibilities towards their employees in the UK has made it one of the safest places in the world to work. I read stories in the H and S press that comes to me and it...
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    Sweeping up

    I work as a Health and Safety Manager in a high risk chemical environment, and have extensive experience of working with the HSE. I also happen to enjoy in any spare time converting timber into various items and lots of dust. The story in my opinion this is one of the "myths" surrounding...
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    Have the leigh jig out this weekend...

    Excellent work, and even if the only person who gets any satisfaction from the build is yourself, is there anyone better to spend your time and effort on?
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    Neverending Bench Build Surprises Hobby Woodworker By Ending

    She really is a thing of beauty. Great work
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    Decent timber yards in the North East

    Hi, Still a bit of a trek but I have used Duffield Timber Nr Ripon, they have some really good stock and a good hour less nearer you than British Hardwoods. it's worth a visit. https://www.duffieldtimber.com/ Richard.
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    Startrite 351E bandsaw, single phase 240v

    I hear you loud and clear, but I have a wife who is lovely to look at but wired up a bit funny and found it better to let her think she controls the purse strings, that way I end up better off as the accumulated mass of the ad hoc purchases, should she look closely at them far outweigh any...
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    Startrite 351E bandsaw, single phase 240v

    So annoyed, the wife just sanctioned the spend, 1.5 hours too late, Fred55 hope you and your machine are happy together. Richard
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    Help the kids are taking over my workshop

    Fortunately or not as the case may be, I have 4 daughters none who have shown any inclination into any sort of manual endeavour and my shed remains a sanctuary. I do realise the folly in my discouraging them in the past but being asked to do jobs for them now is a small price to pay for the...
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    Some lovely Lathes!

    I live in Keighley, the home of DSG, my father in law was apprenticed there in the 40s / 50s and went on to design them. I am more of a woodworker myself but after he died last year and none of his daughters were interested in them I did inherit a load of very high end precision tools which I...