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    Cordless tool options (manufacturer)

    Well this is a very deep rabbit hole to go down, but as you asked here goes - First cordless a B&D 12v pro bought 30 yrs ago lasted well till batteries no longer available, then switched to 12v DeWalt, built up a reasonable basic tool set , drill , driver, right angle drill, small circular saw ...
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    I have a knock off by MultiCo from the 1980s, still use it mainly for lathe work or pillar drill. Hth Houts
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    another french polish question...

    IIRC it's a 4 lb cut. hth, Houts
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    What is the Best and Your Favourite Movie of all time??

    Jeez this is one of the hardest question to give a definitive answer to , many of the films mentioned would deffo be in my top 100 list - here goes all time favourite - director's cut BLADE RUNNER Das Boot for its realistic scenes of war in a sub much praise to anyone who served in all...
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    Merry Christmas everyone

    to everyone here, hope your 2016 goes better to plan then this year. :ho2 :deer
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    Woodworking bible?

    Andy you posted this and I got this as a long time member WTF ! what is going on here, have we a secret section of UKWorkshop.
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    A new timber tech book. Would you buy it?

    Count me in for a copy, am always a sucker for a good reference book, and as mentioned earlier, HOADLEY's book is too " American " so a broad based spectrum book on the Worlds' timbers with inference to their uses would be on my chrimbo list, at 35 -50 quid it would be a snap buy for me. hth...
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    Anyone near Ely Cambridgeshire who can give me a hand?

    jeezus ! what a tale of sorry to hear, applaud your idea of tools going to mac - I am ofton over your way to help an ex serviceman and an old ex of mine - in Wisbech - so adding another "friend"to the list would be no problem as long as you have coffee and digestives ;-) K
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    A German Staircase

    made quite a few stairs in my time in Germany and Holland, as Dee said, many a flight of stairs in ?Holland are of the 30 deg incline and 80 cm wide and often with two winders, note that in Germany the treads are often of 35 - 40mm thick and rails too.
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    Mason Mitre Routing Jig NEEDED

    Anyone prepared to loan out this for 1/2 day, doh ! left mine in Amsterdam and now need to do do a mason mitre on a bedroom dressing table top. Local to Oxford would be handy +/- 50miles Beer tokens on return Karl
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    Some large wardrobes!

    damn fine job there sir, just wish I had clients like yours :-/
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    Anyone use/have used a Collins Coping Foot on their jigsaw?

    yep, used it a load in the states, and found its to be had over here :D will be ordering mine soon, as I seem to have either left mine in Germany or Holland or some scroat nicked it. Must be getting old, as I'm really not sure :-/
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    Effing Scroat bags !

    Just got back from a work and play trip to the Netherlands, and found my shop had been broken into ! turnip ! All my cordless tools nicked, some old 12v DeWalts and a full set of Makita 14.4v - impact drill, drill/driver, multi saw, jig saw, plus extra batts, then a couple boxes of drills and...
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    I may not have a proper workplace, but...

    stupid question, no pictures = never happened, your telling porkies ;)
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    chuckle or groan

    groan ! :D