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    Finally built a fold-down MFT

    Sorry chaps MTF???
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    LED downlights too bright - can I dim?

    For the unskilled in this field could you elaborate further please?
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    For Sale Book Clear-out 6 of 9

    May I have please: Router Jigs and Templates- Anthony Bailey- £8 The Marquetry Course- Jack Metcalfe and John Apps- £10 The Book of Boxes - Andrew Crawford - £10
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    Pest proofing my garage / workshop

    I've lost two traps thus far in the last month. Snr Mngt says rats but there's no evidence of them in the garage so doubtful.
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    Pest proofing my garage / workshop

    Thanks. TBH trapping works for me but the novelty is wearing off. I'm also a beekeeper and mice constantly pee as the go along and mouse pee on bee eqpt renders it useless the bee's wont go near it so they've got to go.
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    Box Making Courses

    My cousin who was a pretty good engineer in his day, tells me everything starts as a box. Being new to the craft, can anyone recommend a good box making course that I can put on my Xmas list please?
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    Pest proofing my garage / workshop

    Thought so hence my Q
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    Pest proofing my garage / workshop

    Where from?
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    Pest proofing my garage / workshop

    There's no food in the garage, we live on the edge of town, shelter I assume is why they keep coming..... and dying. Has anyone experience of roller shutter doors? This is an option
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    2021 Secret Santa.

    And me!!!
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    The Beverly Hilbillies

    That made me laugh out loud. I'm going to use that on my grandkids at Christmas :)
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    Sometimes pays to be a hoarder

    I have to say my filing system is state of the art!!! The retrieval system is completely shot tho :)
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    Myford PR11 Planer Motor

    I thought that might be the case, the 3hp motor I had on mine has a huge pulley wheel about 8-10" at a guess. I vaguely remembered something from my GKN apprenticeship assessment to be a draughtsman when I was 16 that involved pulleys and that was also the last time I thought about them in...
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    Table Saw Fence

    Thanks and yes please for the extra pictures. Good luck for tomorrow