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    Android Apps

    There's a cracking one called "Tasker" which you can use to program loads of functionality based on events and other things happening. For example, switch off Wi-Fi during certain hours (eg night time) to save battery Detect when headphones plugged in an automatically launch music app Use...
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    How can I find someone to produce a chair designed by me?

    Poor cutu, having his seemingly innocent and reasonable request completely hijacked by a whole other conversation. Cutu, I'm not in a position to help you directly, but I fear this might not be the correct avenue - as the guys on here tend to expect (quite rightly of course) to earn a...
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    Hi Dave, Can you PM me the details, I'm a web developer and would be interested to see what the role entails. Cheers Alan
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    Back to basics Help required.

    Mark, I'm at work at the moment so will take a photo or two tonight when I get home and post them later on. Youi may of course find that your table setup is different to mine, so might not be relevant, but at least you'll see what i mean. I think the thing that I like about my sled is that...
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    Shetland Chair Project Walk Through

    Thanks for the feedback Mick, I have to admit they are not my own design, they came from a magazine originally - I always thought about expanding them to include different charicatures, or even shapes, letters etc but never really got round to it. Cheers Alan
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    Back to basics Help required.

    Mark, I'm no seasoned woodworker, and in terms of equipment I'm probably the same as you - I have a small table saw I bought from Axminster, with no built-in sled or anything. I also have never had proper training (self-taught) so the techniques I use are things I've seen elsewhere or have...
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    Shetland Chair Project Walk Through

    Hi Eric, Thanks for the comments. I left the seat flat because I suspected my mother would fit a cushion anyway. She is a very good quilter so I wasn't surprised to hear her talk about quilting a cushion as soon as I gave her the chair.
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    Shetland Chair Project Walk Through

    Thanks for the feedback Riley and Chems, much appreciated. Riley, there are several variations of the chair, including just a high back with no sides, like in the sketchup model. I guess it's just a question of taste for each individual. In my case, the design was chosen because it was similar...
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    Shetland Chair Project Walk Through

    Thanks for the advice Wayne, perfect timing as you say! I'll definitely know for next time. Cheers Alan
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    Shetland Chair Project Walk Through

    Hi Chems, Many thanks, I should have spotted that, oh well. I've edited the original now so all looks fine. Thanks again for the assistance. Alan
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    Shetland Chair Project Walk Through

    mmm, am I being daft, but how do I get images to work, thought I'd done it right, but perhaps not, or it needs to go through moderator first? Cheers Alan
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    Shetland Chair Project Walk Through

    Well here's my first post in the "workshop tours and projects" forum – I've read with interest a load of other people's posts and thought I'd submit one of my own. Firstly a quick tour around my workshop. I'm hoping that a few pics and a description of my modest setup will serve as...
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    The Technology Company's new website - comments welcome ...

    Hi Gidon, Congratulations on a first class looking website - loads very nicely, the html behind the scenes validates very well, so should prove very good both in human interaction and importantly in search engine rankings. One comments I'd make from a aesthetic perspective, is that I think...
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    Where can I get a spring?

    Hehe, perfect Steve, I am a very relieved man now - I can finally put the mystery to bed. Have a good weekend!
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    Is it me or

    I've not been using the forum for too long compared to others, so I've not witnessed too much of the problems of personalities etc. My overall impression however is a collection of very helpful people with loads of useful information on everything wood and non-wood. I love looking at the...