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    Cascamite WBP

    never seen coments about jeffries glue or is it only sold in large quantities
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    Arc or Mig welding, very confusing!

    heimlaga is not quite correct to say second hand ac stick welders are useless, if you can find one with open circuit voltage of 80v or 100v they are ok
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    robland nlx310 combination machine setting up

    finally got round to taking the sliding table off, the adjusting set screws are the cheap nasty rolled on thread type with concave ends, so whoever has put a number of circular indentations into the load spreading pads underneath the table, so when you try to adjust it, goes all over the place...
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    robland nlx310 combination machine setting up

    thanks for everyones efforts recon i,ll have to seperate the top from the bottom and check it out will post something when i get a result
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    robland nlx310 combination machine setting up

    t hanks for the quick reply however it,s the sliding table.when it,s at mid point it,s fairly compatible with the saw table, when pulled back fully from the saw blade the forward end of the aluminium table rises 2mm above the cast iron saw table. i can,t find any slop in sliding table bearings...
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    robland nlx310 combination machine setting up

    hi,can anyone guide me to a website that details the setting up of the robland nlx 310 tables, i have bought a second hand one that is all over the place, any help would be greatly appreciated