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    As we are just about to move workshops, there will be loads coming up, will also be selling off some full sheets of stuff we no longer require. I will keep you posted.
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    Dorset/Hampshire members

    Im Sam :)
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    Dorset/Hampshire members

    Okay, My contact details are as follows, 01425627769 or 07527537876 Hope it goes well!
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    Dorset/Hampshire members

    A fitter come bench joiner. A lot of the stuff we make requires quite a bit of on site assembly work, and other stuff we make just needs installing. So all sorts really. Looking to train some people up in factory applied and on site applied spray finishes to. We are even just about to offer...
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    Dorset/Hampshire members

    Hey my workshop is just down the road from Highcliffe in New Milton, I am currently upgrading to a much larger workshop and will be looking to hire some more people soon to so let me know if you end up moving as we may be able to help each other.
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    I feel it appropriate to thank everyone for there well wishes, its a strange time for me, so thank you all for your support. Just having to learn to re adjust to certain things, but with the business expanding, I hope to be back at the bench as soon as possible. Many thanks once again,
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    Thanks guys, I am on the mend now, even if I am now a walking pharmacy. Just learning to cope with some of the weirder side effects! Its so frustrating not being able to be in the workshop, especially as you may have seen in other posts I have just signed a new lease on a bigger workshop. I...
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    In an effort to remain completely transparent, Please find below the letter I sent in reply to a prompt to come and read this topic. I must openly apologise to the forum, however I hope that given the circumstances, I hope that some understanding can be drawn. I will make it a priority to get...
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    So, its come to that time where I have outgrown my existing workshop, and after much deliberation, and a lot of searching and stress I have taken the plunge. The existing tenants are just in the process of clearing out (they are also up sizing) so I snuck in to take a few pictures to show her...
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    morrells wouldn't sell me primer ?

    We use the omnia system in my workshop. It really is a fantastic paint that I rate better than teknos however, it requires a specialist spray pump and gun to apply. A 32:1 ratio with an air assisted airless spray gun. These pumps use pressure to atomise the paint rather than relying on air...
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    Disposing of paint tins

    Ahh, well as long as you have washed out the water based tins, then they are no longer covered under cosh (although the water you wash the tins out with is still covered by cosh and should be disposed of via a registered wast carrier) ((yeh right)) Any washed out water based tins should be...
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    Disposing of paint tins

    Solvent based or water based?
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    Disposing of paint tins

    Are they Morrells tins by any chance? Do you use solvent based or water based paints?
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    painting accoya

    spray or brush?
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    Advice needed for table project

    Any chance of a diagram and some pictures?