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    SOLD Meddings scroll saw. SOLD

    Too far for me im afraid looks a good saw and reasonable price
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    SOLD Meddings scroll saw. SOLD

    Hi where are you
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    Scroll saw blades to cut inch thick hardwood

    Hi i need a blade to cut 1" thick oak where can i get some in uk
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    Kitty 1619 table saw

    Hi its 240 volts 16 amp fitted with a blue plug
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    Kitty 1619 table saw

    On checking again it is a 619 its a big saw
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    Kitty 1619 table saw

    Yes you are right thank you
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    Kitty 1619 table saw

    Hi my friend has the above table saw that has very light use he has given up woodwork due to his age he has a kitty 1169 table saw with sliding carriage can anyone tell me what is it worth so he can sell it thanks for your help
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    Hardwood waney edge timber

    Hi I am closing my home workshop due to health reasons l have for sale some Walnut and some yew planks most are 4' long and around 6" wide all wany edge price from £5.00 to £10.00 per board this is collection only from Eastbourne East Sussex All the wood is nice and dry some planed some...
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    Electra beckham 316g

    Price drop to £200 ovno
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    Electra beckham 316g

    Hi I have an Electra beckham 316g this is one of the last ones made after metabo brought out the company I have had this a few years now and it has served me well but I find I don't use it much now and I could use the space in the workshop it does have the odd marks but still a tidy machine...
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    Summer's arrived ...

    When I lived in cyprus in the 1970s you would see pickled sparrows(as we called them) in restarants in limmersol never tried one though
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    Electra Beckum Bandsaw 315 for sale Collection Salisbury

    They are very good saws I have one
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    Axminster linisher 240V Now Sold

    Would have loved this Robin sadly not enough room in my workshop, hope you are keeping well not seen you for ages
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    Meddings MF4 rebuild. Completed.

    Fantastic job well done should last a lifetime