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    Bi-fold screen hinges - suppliers

    Hi, Can anyone recommend any other suppliers of these screen hinges. I've seen cheaper brassed steel ones on sites in the USA at around $2.00 each and would like to locate similar in UK if possible. Cheers, David
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    Buying a scrollsaw

    Hi, I've only just purchased the AWFS18 and have therefore not had time to really get down to using it seriously. It is very well made, very quiet and so close to being a Hegner that one could be forgiven thinking that it is made in the same plant. They are on offer at present, making them under...
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    Spindle rebate block query

    Hi John & Jacob, The machine spins anti-clockwise at 6500rpm. It is only a lightweight machine without power feed, so I shouldn't really expect too much of it. Cheers, David
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    Spindle rebate block query

    Jason, Thanks for the alert - unfortunately the unsold ones appear to be MEC rated, whereas I need MAN, Cheers,David
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    Spindle rebate block query

    Felderman & Scrit, Thanks for your advice. The cutterblock I had contemplated buying from Wealden has two spurs and two blades see http://www.wealdentool.com/acatalog/Online_Catalogue_Shear_rebate_block_604.html My moulder will only run at a fixed speed but if I cut the rebate with the block...
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    Spindle rebate block query

    Hi, Can anyone advise me please on the subject of a rebate block for my Kity spindle moulder? I want to reduce the tearout that I'm experiencing when using a standard euroblock by moving over to a dedicated rebate block with inbuilt scribes. Wealdon have two versions: one has blades mounted as...
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    Axminster fine tools event?

    I called in on Saturday and found the store to be quieter than usual; however it was nice to have a chance to see the Veritas planes without having to fight one way to the front of a queue. I was quite taken by the Kreg K3 jointing kit, which I had always put down as a fad. Martin gave a very...
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    Trend Airmaster and Ear defenders

    Hi all Trend Airmaster users, I'm thinking of buying one but am worried that it may not be possible to wear ear defenders when one has the Trend unit on. How do you cope? Cheers, David
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    SIP scroll saw and other starters?

    Hi Chris, I bought the cheapest Perform model this time last year in the naive belief that as I wasn't intending to do much work with it I wouldn't need to worry about spending a reasonable amount of money. How wrong I was! The saw is poorly made and has a tremendous amount of vibration and...
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    Forum user's Radial Arm Saws

    Hi, I've an Eumenia M50L/300 220mm dia blade RAS which I've owned for 6 or more years. It has been very useful and quite accurate. They appear to have stopped manufacture now but I wouldn't hesitate from recommending one if you where to come across a second hand model. I've also got (in pieces...
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    Require a new Bench saw.

    Hello Scrit ... I've had an OP201 for the past 18 months and am very pleased with it. It is very 'functional' in that much of it is un-plated but despite that it seems to have been accurately manufactured. I haven't invested in the scoring unit as yet but plan to next year. The only minus point...
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    Chainsaw Reqd - Advice please

    I would echo the advice that you should attend a safety course. I've a Husky 136 and in over 40 years of use I've found it to be the best machine I've used for home use. The modern anti-kickback chains are very good and 'do what it says on the tin'; however you could still do yourself immense...
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    LA Jack: 62 or 62.5?

    Food for thought! Thanks to all, David
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    LA Jack: 62 or 62.5?

    Thanks for the Aussie and Dorset brigade opinions. I think I'll be going with my original decision - Veritas. Cheers, David
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    LA Jack: 62 or 62.5?

    Thanks for the advice Ike. Cheers, David