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    Wadkin BRA - play in wedge lock

    Here is the machine: And here is the 45-90-45 locking mech There is rotational play in the arm even when the wedge locking lever is firmly located, and this is the case for all three positions, even the rarely used left mitre. So I think the problem is in the lever wedge, not the column...
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    Old induction motor - direction reversal

    Single phase motors like that all need something to kick them into motion, usually done by a start or auxiliary winding. This winding is set ‘out of time’ with the main winding, sometimes with a capacitor, sometimes by other means such as resistance. To reverse, you must swap line and neutral...
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    Palletising/packing service?

    Good man. I wish you’d been there to instruct the apes who prepared the Wadkin radial arm saw I just bought on ebay. They just put it on the pallet, wrapped it, and didn’t even bother to clamp the carriage with the clamp provided, nor even screw it down with the leg screw holes provided...
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    How to remove an immersion heater element?

    WD40 (or whatever you use that’s SO much better than WD40 :p ) only works once the thing moves, even slightly. This like getting a glow plug out of cylinder head - the bond is stronger than the thing being unscrewed. Firm persistence and a variety of methods is the key - keep trying everything...
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    Dewalt/B&D radial arm saw

    It’s this one, if that’s any help:
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    Sold wadkin 8" planer

    @adidat I thought you might like to see it nearly ready to run. The old motor was burnt out so I replaced it with a TEC three-phase one. Just waiting for a dol starter.
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    Dewalt/B&D radial arm saw

    Would anyone knowledgable about these things be willing to look at a listing for me? I can’t see a model number to research it, and would like to know if it’s any good for the price and any pitfalls. Ebay link will follow if I’m allowed to post it. Many thanks
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    Rewiring a 3 phase motor to Delta

    The new inverter will have optional inputs for external switching. Study the manual when you get it.
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    Rewiring a 3 phase motor to Delta

    Well done! Another way to confirm the star point is to leave it connected and measure resistance between the existing phase wires. Then separate the point and measure between those phase wires and each of the star point wires. The resistance should be half. It’s not considered good practice to...
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    Rewiring a 3 phase motor to Delta

    I did a very similar motor a while back, fitted to a Multico mortiser: https://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/threads/multico-model-k-mortiser-single-phase-conversion.119077/#post-1305850 I agree with Spectric - look around 12 o’clock in the second picture.
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    Purchasing tools on ebay

    I used to live in Aberdeenshire: “Sorry, we charge extra for Highlands postage” ‘I’m not in the Highlands’ ”Where are you?” ‘Aberdeenshire’ “Yep, we charge extra for Highlands” ‘I’m not in the Highlands.’ Etc.
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    Purchasing tools on ebay

    An anachronism - 30 years ago access to the highands was poor and few trips were made up there. Delivery networks are much better now but cheapo delivery companies still use the old excuse. eg: Postage of brewing stuff from NI costs more to ship to Inverness than Estonia. DPD. Postage by RM or...
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    Purchasing tools on ebay

    “Doesn’t post to Scottish Highlands” For which, read: “uses bargain-bucket delivery service, plus can’t be a rsed to alter arrangements”. Isn’t there an option to tick when selling, UK-only or worldwide? It’s nothing specifically against the US. Sometimes if you message them and offer to...
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    3-tree table with cabriole legs

    I wanted to use some more of the timber I’d planked up with the chainsaw mill 2 years ago, and have a go at cabriole legs: Legs are larch, aprons beech, top birch. I did the legs in standard fashion on the bandsaw, as described in ‘Cabinetmaking and Millwork’ by Feirer. Try as I might, I’m...
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    Help requested. OLD Bosch SB 400-2 dismantling/service advice...

    Check for a screw hidden under a label - if you run your fingernail along it, you’ll find the dip where it is. Sometimes screws are hidden behind plastic plugs, which you have to lever out. Failing that, there may be a clip holding the clamshell together - try to see in with a torch and...