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    Startrite Mercury Pillar Drill 5053

    If you have any photos you can put them on here and see if anyone has some thoughts on them.
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    Startrite Mercury Pillar Drill 5053

    Depends on if it's single or three phase, bench or floor standing. A few weeks ago I picked up a bench mounted three phase startrite mercury MK2 (think it's a for £150. Clean and useable. Saw a few advertised from £150 to £250ish depending on condition. Single phase being more desirable and...
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    Where to buy second hand tools at the moment

    Hi all, I'm new to the forum and quite new to woodworking. I've got myself a cheap small ish bench plane and some old chisels as well as a spoke shave. I'm having a blast squaring up wood and I'm in the process of making myself a stool. I'm after a few new hand tools to expand my collection. I...