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    Festool TKS 80

    I wish they would have just sold the US version here in the UK. https://www.sawstop.com/table-saws/by-model/jobsite-saw I had one on a project in Los Angeles a few years ago and it is fantastic. It is $1599 - £1450 w/ v.a.t. The fence is great. The festool fences are solid when in place but...
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    Home-made router table

    I have to relocate and I have a hardly used KREG router table with a dewalt router in East London that I need to sell.
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    Stokes Complete Cabinet Maker 1841 Edtion anyone?

    I would be really curious to see these books. Are they available as PDF's anywhere ?
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    does anyone have any 12 mm mahogany scraps to sell ?

    Thanks. Steve, it probably would be very helpful. 200mm is ideal, but i can put a few pieces together. the pieces need to be 400 mm long. the 12mm dimension is the most crucial. the plugs can come from anything that is 19 mm thick and the other things I need can come from almost anything...
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    does anyone have any 12 mm mahogany scraps to sell ?

    wondering if anyone wants to sell me some scraps the 12mm dimension is the only one that needs to be accurate. looking for 12 mm - 1/2" small pieces of Mahogany for doll house detail 3 pieces 200 mm x 400 mm x 12 m 2 other pieces around the same size 1 piece 200 mm x 200 mm x 19 mm to cut...
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    is there anything like mcmastercarr.com in the UK ?

    mcmastercarr.com is an American website that has hundreds of thousands of tools and parts - things ship UPS within hours after ordering. thanks be well - Jack
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    Delta drill press

    this looks like a great drill press. Delta make many good tools.
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    Table Saw Advice - Scheppach TS2010 - Anyone Know this saw ?

    Hello I am looking for a table saw for my new small shop in Hacney Wick in East London. I like the idea of the Festool Precisio, though they are very expensive. I wish the JET ProShop was available in the UK. I like the idea of a big solid table saw, but the space is small enough that the saw...
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    Baltic Birch Plywood - London - Any suggestions ?

    Hello. I use baltic birch plywood a lot. Have just started working in London. I have had one source for Baltic Birch plywood that get the wood and do a good job with cuts, but it is not something they stock. Does anyone know of a merchant in North or East London that stocks baltic birch, will...