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    Dinghy Plans

    Mick, try www.selway-fisher.com I ordered a set of plans for a 14'6" boat that will take a little outboard. It is actually a canoe with a squared transom. My plans cost £20 and are well laid out with good instructions.
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    SECC Show this weekend

    It is an interesting concept, but I don't ever think VR will ever become so advanced to allow us to replace actual physical contact. Maybe as a a purely voyeuristic experience it will be ok, but how can you virtually replicate the tactile experience of touching something? A year or two ago a...
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    SECC Show this weekend

    It was my first time at this show, or any WW show for that matter and I was disapointed at the level of exhibitors and nearly all the guys on the stalls I spoke to were saying it was poor compared to previous years. In saying that however I got a good deal on the Mafell P/T, a decent deal on...
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    Map of Timber Merchants

    Not really suitable for adding to your map, but for those based in Scotland www.ashs.co.uk represent a lot of small sawmills in Scotland.
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    Axminster AWS10 Sliding Mitre Saw

    foxprint, the cheaper axminster saw is the same as the performance power saw that you can get from B&Q for £119. It has a differnet blade, but other than that it is pretty much the same. I have the B&Q saw and it has served me fine, but I couldn't easily replace the blade because it has an odd...
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    B&Q Compressor and Nail Gun

    Scrit, I have got the same kit and would echo your experience. I replaced the coiled hose with a 50ft standard HP airline, which cost about £15, this makes all the difference. Prior to using this hose the gun would often jam when the compressor recharged, never ever happens with the new hose...
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    cutting gears in wood

    Rhino, what kind of gear are you wanting to cut? I have never cut gears in wood, but have done a few out of metal. Other than the physical properties of the material there should not be a huge difference in the technique to make them. The actual useable qualities of the wooden gears may be...
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    Elektra Beckum KGS255

    I have now received my KGS255 saw, the lead time from EB to my dealer was only 4 days. I am very impressed with the saw after my first use, although it is a brush motor it is reasonably quiet, the Wickes shop vac that I use for dust extraction was noisier. The B&Q Chinese clone chop saw that I...
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    Forum users' Table saws

    Lecky Becky PK200 x 1, used to be a Clarke but thankfully got shot of that.
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    Elektra Beckum PKF 255 V8

    The blade is changed by removing the section of table top to the blades left, it is easy enough to do. The only problem is that you cannot really make a zero clearance insert for the blade, as the blade slot is part of the right hand side of the table top. This isn't a big issue but if you are...
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    Elektra Beckum PKF 255 V8

    CYC, how easy is it to get the sliding table back in alignment after changing the blade?, I have the smaller brother, the PK200, with sliding table and getting the slide true takes time and patience. It would be a swine if the big saw was just as picky, especially if you do have to remove the...
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    Elektra Beckum KGS255

    I have just ordered the new lecky beckum sliding mitre saw, the KGS255 to upgrade my current saw. Some time ago I purchased the B&Q Power range sliding mitre saw for £119. This saw has actually been fine for me, I have used it to chop through oak 32mm thick with good results and I have laid...
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    4 little questions....

    Steve, I'll have a go at each of your answers in turn... 1. An RCD in your shed alone would be fine, however if you are going to the effort of replacing your consumer unit in the house you should fit one there by good practice. The one in the house should cover ring mains and lights. Don't...
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    Opinions sought

    John, Had any response from the buying public regarding your cabinet? I would be interested to hear if folks are interested in the painted finish.
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    Workbench advice sought...

    I had a look at teh bench in question on your link. Although there are two sets of dogs they are both operated from the one vice, so the ability to use both sets together is limited. I can only see them being of use if you are working on a very wide board, but that is of limited value to my...