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    Edge Clamps

    Hello all, Have any of you folks got recommendations on which edge clamps to buy for worktop edging? I need them specifically for the thick abs edging, but will use them in the future for other bits as well. I normally use Bessey' but as they're not going to be used that often I don't really...
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    Has anyone got any experience with the thinner laminate tops

    Hello all, Has anyone got any experience with the thinner laminate tops (12mm to 20 odd mm or so), what are they like in the flesh? Trying to provide a more contemporary look without the price of solid surface or granite and this seems to fit the bill. But never actually used them myself...
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    Stanley 4 1/2 plane

    Hi, I'll take it please. Posted to SK17 7BN. If you could work out the cost and let me know I'll PayPal the money over. Cheers _Dan
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    Anyone used Klug Pocket Door kit?

    Hello all, Has anyone used aforementioned pocket hole door system? Anyone got any better alternatives? This Geezer Thanks in advance knowledgeable people. Cheers _Dan
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    Built in kitchen extractor into custom canopy.

    - :lol: yep, long day and posting while in the middle of something else. Yeah no worries on that front, smack bang in the middle. Note your point on the switches getting hot, not thought about that. Thanks. Cheers _Dan
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    Built in kitchen extractor into custom canopy.

    Yeah fully appreciate what you're saying, meant to highlight the fact that building inspector hasn't and won't be round. Cheers _Dan
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    Built in kitchen extractor into custom canopy.

    The switches are actually on the underside, so you can get to them when it's installed. Sorry, I wasn't specific enough re where it was being placed. It is on an outside wall and it is being ducted outside. And again, my fault for not describing it properly, it's an electric "range style"...
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    Built in kitchen extractor into custom canopy.

    Hello all, I'm building a canopy over a "range style electric cooker" in a kitchen I'm installing soon. I've been looking at this integrated type with the mesh over the fan here, and then saw that it may be a better idea to have the fan activated from nearer to the worktop, with a separate...
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    Oil oak before decorator is in, or after?

    I'll see what they say, they are very particular :shock: They aren't old beams though, just for context. They are new timber, fairly square, very good grade as some pieces have lots of rays visible. Cheers _Dan
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    Oil oak before decorator is in, or after?

    Thanks for your reply. Client wants them oiled yeah, to match the stairs and doors etc. So gotta go with that finish either way. I meant frog tape, it's usually pretty good with stuff like this. Duct tape often leaves a residue on things I find. Cheers _Dan
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    Oil oak before decorator is in, or after?

    Hello all, Quick query... We've installed some oak beams in a barn conversion we are on. Uprights holding up the horizontals and then gallows brackets to complete the look. Using hard wax oil on it all. Question is, is it best to finish them before the decorator is in then get him to stick...
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    DEWALT DW745 table/site saw and DE7400 stand SOLD

    Hi, I am after a replacement site saw after our Electra Beckum has given up on us. But I'm quite a way away, so to make it worthwhile I could probably only go to £250 or so. Give me a shout if this any good for you. Cheers _Dan
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    Clear out p2

    I will take the mortice chisels if they don't go to the poster above. Cheers _Dan
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    Help with insulating chipboard flooring

    I was hoping to get the chipboard up and relay if possible, but with it not being screwed it's proving tricky to do without too much damage. I've had a go at taking a board up by drilling out the heads of the nails, didn't pull through as they're ring shank. I haven't tried punching them...
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    Help with insulating chipboard flooring

    Hello all, I am trying to find out the most cost effective way to insulate a chipboard floor. So it's an existing chipboard floor that has been nailed down and there's no way of getting it back up without destroying it. It's the first floor and below is a carport/ garage, which is acting as a...