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    ROS - 180+ grit discs?

    Rubin is available up to 220. I’ve never had a problem with Granat on bare wood. Granat is available up to 1500.
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    Where to source wood for joinery

    I’ve used https://www.timbersource.co.uk/ For unsorted redwood. I usually buy a fair bit at a time and keep it in the barn as delivery is fairly expensive.You will get some ropey stuff in with the good, so bear that in mind when ordering sawn. I did get one delivery that wasn’t acceptable but...
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    Places to live in Gloustershire / monmouth

    I live on a small farm just outside Ross-on-Wye, my daughter lives in Cinderford and until recently my parents lived near Soudley, so I know the area pretty well. If I can help, just shout.
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    A sort of wood project...

    Hi Pils, I am a little unclear on exactly what advice you're after, but I think you're pretty content with your existing design, you mainly want suggestions on how to assemble it without screws and so that it can be (partially) disassembled infrequently. Is that right? If that's the case, the...
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    A sort of wood project...

    Hi Pils. To start off, an you clarify a little? Do you mean that you are going to design the bed, then have someone CNC cut your design and deliver the parts to you ready for assembly?
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    Which Domino

    The word is November for any new 500s.
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    Dying my beard without making a mess in the bathroom

    This chap also posted the same thing on PistonHeads. I hope he gets help soon!
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    Plunge Router buying advice please.

    Sorry I haven’t read all the replies, so maybe a duplicate. Are you dead set on new? A Dewalt or Elu 1/2 inch are pretty robust. I still get out my old Dewalt (bought in 90s when I was fitting kitchens) when I have a lot of material to remove and I can work outside. They must cost buttons second...
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    Do i actually need a table saw?

    I love my bandsaw (a Sabre 450), I’ve got it dialled in nicely and it competently does the jobs I need it for. That doesn’t include sheet goods, trust me on this! You already have a track saw, so a 8x4 sheet of rigid wall insulation on the floor works fine as a sacrificial cutting surface. No...
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    leather strops and buffing compound

    Hi Phil, finally got this sorted and a donation made! In the spirit of finding a "small and local" charity I've chosen "The Little Princess Trust". They make real hair wigs for children who have lost their own because of cancer or other illness.
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    Re sawing oak

    I use a ripping blade with narrow kerf on my table saw. The only issue is that you will need a narrower riving knife to match the blade, easy enough to make.
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    Rail Squares

    I’ve just ordered the Benchdog one, so can let you know in a few days if no one else answers?
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    A question you are probably fed up with

    I have a floor mounted Axminster which looks very much like the bench top one you linked to. It’s fine! I’ve drilled hundreds of holes in metal and wood (including quite tall lamp stands) and it just works. If I was a proper engineer I’d be able to discern that it’s terrible, but luckily I’m...
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    Pallet wood can be pretty sometimes

    The majority of pallets I see are heat treated, Look for a HT stamp, no chemicals used on those AFAIK. We get hundreds of single use pallets at work and I use 10 or so a year to make kindling.
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    Diesel mowers - any opinions?

    I’ve got a Kubota GR1600II. Brilliant machine & no complaints about the engine.