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    New Shop Vac - Dust Collector

    I have the Makita 30l model and it’s fine. But, I also have a Metabo ASR25 L SC which I think beats the Makita hands down. Its manufactured as an L class but the filters are M Class and extraction is very good . Its not as light and it is louder than the Makita but has more suction and feels...
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    Rail square reviews

    I have the TSO rail square and have used it now for about two years. No issues with quality so far. Locks into my Festool rails easily enough and stays put. As for cutting square with 2400mm sheet goods, then yes. But cutting accurate parallel lengths is slightly different from repetitive...
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    Ripping thin strips of wood from PSE timber

    "Phil Pascoe, post: 1512425, member: 13676"] A plasterer is only going to add to plaster that's already there, unless you're completely demolishing walls - it's going to be proud of the linings. A 7 1/4" circular saw. Get a board the thickness you need and rip some strips off. I've just done a...
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    Replacement plane iron

    Ray Iles does a series of 01 irons and they’re fairly good. https://www.oldtoolstore.co.uk/replacement-plane-irons-15-c.asp Classichandtools and Workshopheaven stock them too.
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    Cannot make flat edge with a cambered blade

    Agreed. As others have said: why use a cambered iron in the first place ? Swap out for a straight iron or regrind your existing iron straight and knock off the edges . Like others have also commented, it‘s all too easy to get carried away but getting a flat/square edge should be...
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    Plough plane recommendations

    A nice example of a Record 050a being used both with and across the grain. Just for the pleasure of viewing it not for arguing a point about cross grain cutting 😄
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    Gluing end grain is stronger than you think.

    It’s no big deal, I was just commenting on your first line of your post which said : “Finger joints are closer to long grain joints and it’s been pretty conclusively proved that that kind of joint…” I was just trying to point out that they are aren’t really closer to end grain joints at all as...
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    Gluing end grain is stronger than you think.

    Yes it is very strong, but very little of the gluing surface is true end grain to end grain. Most of the glue surfaces on finger/comb joints are cross grain to cross grain which is why it’s so strong. Only the tips of the fingers are truly end grain to end grain.
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    Help identifying timber board

    Snooker cues spring to mind with Ramin, at least the cheaper ones. That’s good detective work Phil.
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    Help identifying timber board

    Yes not pitch pine Phil The two later photos are clearer but I’m non the wiser. I’m sure someone will get it eventually.
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    Help identifying timber board

    I’ll have a go. Pitch pine ?
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    Record Power safety notice

    Apologies if this has already been posted . https://recordpower.co.uk/pages/coronet-envoy-and-regent-safety-notice?utm_source=Record%20Power&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=12658416_Envoy%20and%20Regent%20Bolt%20Update&dm_i=2UF,7JBAO,TVIKD4,UNXCN,1
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    New 1/2in Router

    Cheers for that. I’ve done all the usual post death router checks and changed the brushes out first thing but no resurrection sadly. Never thought of the speed controller to be honest. Like I mentioned earlier, I’ll get it checked out before giving it an honourable funeral but I’m hoping that...
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    New 1/2in Router

    Thank you gents for your input it’s much appreciated. I did think of getting it repaired Derek. I’ve still got it and I’ve had it repaired before but this time I haven’t a clue what’s wrong with it, it’s just dead as the proverbial Dodo. I know a guy who repairs them and I’m going to give him a...
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    New 1/2in Router

    Smart advice and I’m considering that but just wanted to put out the feelers for other brands. I’m not a brand junkie though I own plenty of Makita 😉