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    Handedness of circular saws

    I have a corded circ saw and a battery one and have never noticed this till I read your post dont know the reason for it they both cut wood :P
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    Radius end post

    You could paper glue four squares together and turn them and have 4 posts
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    Sliding compound miter saw advice please

    Jon have you considered buying second hand you could get a better machine for your budget
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    Joiners: How do you size a door SKETCHUP DRAWING OF JIG

    what ive done in the past is get the hanging side done and get someone to hold it to the frame while you mark from other side allowing for gapping hope that makes sense what ever way you do it its never a quick job
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    looking for guidance on re-sawing with a tablesaw

    I couldn,t agree more with Steve I use hand held circ saws alot and they dont like to cut the full depth of the blade for a small cut let alone a long rip and please belive me a kick back with a saw you have in your hands is not a pleasant thing.Be safe and wait for your workshop extension and...
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    Anyone used Idigbo?

    I,ve turned a small bowl from it the grain tearout was horrible carn,t comment on flat woodwork Geordie
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    You could paint the floor with a epoxy paint Steve I know this is added expence that you could do without but it will cover the grout and also give addaed durablity to your floor Regards Geordie
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    A view of a sawmill you don't see every day

    Very cool thanks for posting
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    6" CBN wheel? or can and 8" fit

    I have a 6" cbn wheel on my record grinder i got it from tool post i use it wit the tru grind and to say i,m happy is a understatment I love it if you get a cbn i would buy a grinder you like first they are not cheap i think mine was about £130 with the bush
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    If you google its london its in there catalogue sorry dont no how to do links Geordie
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    Boiled Linseed Oil finish still feels greasy

    Its posssible the ply had some sort of finish already on it stopping the oil for soaking in Geordie
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    Mitre saw recommendation

    I have a dewalt not the one mentioned but its a great saw and it gets used alot sturdy bit of kit Dont get the fury as its already been said they are rubbish
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    Steve's workshop - Painting the outside walls

    Doors with draft strip tend to be a bit more gappy than yours Steve you could try putting a bigger leading edge on the door. Your doing a awsome job of the workshop I am more than a bit jealous Regards Geordie
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    Remounting between centres

    rather than mounting between centres why not fit a face plate and use laminated mdf Geordie
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    face mask

    +1 for the airshield there not cheap but well worth the money I found mine on ebay its worth a look they come up quite often Geordie