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    Snooker Cue finish

    I read on a snooker website from a top class maker that you should use boiled linseed oil. Im currently in the process of making a cue and will be using this when finishing it.
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    Apply ABS edging

    Would it be better using pre-glued edging and heating it or just using the contact adhesive as advised earlier, or eash as good as the other?
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    Apply ABS edging

    Will have a look at that firm, thanks. Dont know why i asked bout 2mm pre-glued as had realised earlier was no good as wouldnt be able 2 use it.
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    Apply ABS edging

    That looks quite good, have you used this glue film yourself? Works well? Looking at ABS edging as its a Grey Beige Zebrano MFC board that planning on using and thats what was shown for it to give best finish, only iron on stuff (not even sure it is iron on) i have found is a pre-glued 0.4mm...
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    Apply ABS edging

    Thanks again for the info. I came across the manual cutters when searching the web earlier, look ideal. I had a search but could only find the .4 edging pre-glued, do you know if you can get the 2mm pre-glued also? Would the edging not burn or melt if it was trimmed with a router?
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    Apply ABS edging

    Thanks for the advise, i will have a look at the options. How best to trim the edging flush once stuck in place? Do you just use a blade?
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    Apply ABS edging

    Hi, Looking to see how to fit 2mm or 0.4mm ABS edging to MFC boards. From info seen so far it looks like i would need an edge bander, is this so or is there another way it can be done (easier for the diy'er)?
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    Snooker cue project

    You can now find it at
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    Castle for my sons birthday

    Thats great, will provide hours of enjoyment for your son.
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    Router Table: Stupidest question ever

    Tie-wraps......tighten over on switch when in on position and connect router through NVR switch that way you have control via the NVR for switching power to the router and router will automatically start and stop. This is how i and believe many others have done so. I did ask the same question...
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    Of interest to box makers

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    yet another box

    Very nice, really like the design and contrasts
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    More Xmas presents

    Very nice
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    Exotic Hardwood Online

    Thanks Pete, that site looks good to