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  1. GazPal

    Saw nuts

    Definitely a situation demanding use of a holdfast, otherwise he'll need a new set of saw unsplit nuts.
  2. GazPal

    Preserve plane handle trade label

    A dab of superglue works wonders when "fixing" old labels into place. Allow it to cure for a couple of days and you can then re-finish the handle using dye and varnish of your choice. I tend to use Colron Wood Dye "Indian Rosewood" and Liberon Danish Oil when re-finishing handles and front...
  3. GazPal

    3rd party chipbreakers

    My Stay-Set cap irons "click" tightly together too. :D I've been using them (Numbers 03 - 07) since the early seventies and the question regarding accurate placement tends to be a non-issue during set-up.
  4. GazPal

    advice on which leather for strop

    The last word is "if it works for you, use it" :) Chamois leather glued to a flat plate (Timber or metal) serves well for stropping when partnered with stropping paste/crayon, or visit a saddler's/leather worker's shop and ask if they have any butt leather off-cuts. Thickness doesn't really...
  5. GazPal

    3rd party chipbreakers

    I'm a long term user/devotee of Record Stay-Set cap irons (I assume Clifton's two-piece cap irons are very high quality replica) and have never experienced problems mislaying nosing sections, or with loose fitting parts, or regarding accurate & fine placement for finish shavings. I tend to keep...
  6. GazPal

    No 2 as a scrub plane

    IMHO a thicker iron isn't vital for an improvised scrub plane, but I'd tend to err on the side of experimenting with varying degrees of radii before heading the beefier iron and more extensive plane fettling route. A 200-250mm radius tends to work well for me. :)
  7. GazPal

    Another very old No 7 on Ebay

    It was re-listed and then withdrawn before the auction's due date.
  8. GazPal

    looking for a chisel set, what should i get

    This is where listening to and receiving tuition (One to one or online) from proven craftsmen:teachers pays dividends, rather than being influenced via DIY writers or tool sales technicians who's taste/preferences vary depending on their employment or the need to write/publish articles. Being...
  9. GazPal

    Any information on this plane

    It is a beech bodied Marples transitional jack plane - they also produced a smoother - made primarily for school use (During the '50's when schools were moving between wooden and iron soled planes) with a decent crucible steel iron, but limited frog adjustment. Limited frog adjustment - via two...
  10. GazPal

    Shooting board plane.

    Only if steel toe capped. :lol:
  11. GazPal

    Shooting board plane.

    You forgot to mention your brown paper bag collection. :lol: :wink:
  12. GazPal

    Shooting board plane.

    Depends on whether or not you'd buy one. I inherited mine and it spends most of it's time gathering dust. :lol:
  13. GazPal

    plough/combination plane blade bevel angle????

    Try not to over tighten things, as finger tight is enough. Keep shaving/cut depth fine - re how the plane iron relates to the distance it projects beyond the skate - and you should find technique falls neatly into place.
  14. GazPal

    planes and shooting boards.

    There's always more than one way to change a light bulb. :lol: I think you're doing the right thing by asking and treating kit building as skill building exercises. I'd recommend making a toolbox/chest and a pair of saw horses and possible projects.
  15. GazPal

    Shooting board plane.

    Yes, primarily for smoothing out glue lines, trimming into corners and as shelf decoration, but you definitely need to maintain downward pressure on the back as they can tend to nose dive into your work if you're not careful.