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    Space Using ideas for home

    Thanks for sharing =D> It's given me an idea I've been trying to solve for some time now.
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    Has anyone had dealings with SIP customer service?

    Try contacting them direct, you never know.....
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    £50 Festool Vouchers

    If anyone wants a voucher they can have mine
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    Newly made oak windows and condensation

    Maybe I've missed this in the various above posts, but why are you installing K Glass & only 14mm spacers. FWIW Pilkington K glass is old hat, it's yesterdays good technology but it's been superseded by all the other manufacturers for some time now. As your making the windows yourself why not...
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    Bosch glider or kapex 120

    I've had the Bosch about 9 months now, comes with a good quality blade, it's quiet compared to most. I just had to tweek the setup when I got it. the cut quality is very good and the glide action is very smooth, even the preset angles are accurate. I bought mine with the folding wheel stand...
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    Bosch sliding mitre saws

    Thanks for that Ian
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    Bosch sliding mitre saws

    I'm looking at either the BOSCH GCM12SD or the BOSCH GCM10SD, do any forum members have any of these saws, any views & opinions would be appreciated. I've seen a couple of deals inc legstands for both machines, I quess they are both heavy to lug around. Are they accurate and reaonably quiet. is...
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    kitchen worktop upstands

    Are peeps still tiling walls in kitchens :shock:
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    Woodworking/Tool Shows & Exhibitions ??

    Humberside was abolished in the mid 90's :D Most of the decent shows are further down south of the country.
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    buying timber for bread boards

    I use a D4 pva, waterproof glue. Not titebond, too expensive and imho not as good.
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    buying timber for bread boards

    I've used Beech & Black Walnut together, looks good when made as a butchers block style. and an alternating pattern.
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    Old Sedgwick 571 morticer chuck replacement

    The 571 had a redesigned housing for the chuck varient.
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    Not got room for a washing machine?

    Strip off, put your clothes in the washer, sit down & have a .............................while you wait.............. brilliant :D
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    Bird boxes - do they need an opening lid?

    We have 23 bird boxes, that's right 23, if swmbo had her way it would be 103 :roll: . Each one is different :shock: :D They all get cleaned out every year at least once.
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    surfed into this

    To me the "point" is simply because he can. The world is full of people who make things because they can/want to, long may that continue. It matters not one iota what materials they use, they are doing something they clearly enjoy. Some of the worlds best inventions have been made this way.