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    Lets talk about Jeans

    artie...look up Duluth Trading, in USA..perhaps their product will be of use
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    Tide marks on shellac finish

    I used shellac over BLO, with nary a problem. But, I used rattle can spray, which is de-waxed, or it would not spray. After the shellac, came wax.
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    Don't throw out these old wiper blades!

    My father was a master at carpentry, he could build anything. One tip from him was to use a bit of steel wool. Roll it up and insert. Maybe try that , if you do not have a matchstick/skewer. Also, sadly. I did not get the master part of carpentry tho. :(
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    Time to pack it all in....

    good fortune to you Z... be the best at your new endeavor
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    Bandsaw dust extraction that actually works - 85% efficient!

    well done M....on both subjects ;)
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    The Wheel of Time at Last Begins to Turn

    Way happy for you, Droogs. (y)
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    Kitchen dresser

    make a thin oak floor
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    I have experienced forums since 1990

    Another BBC rant thread....this is getting rather tasty.;)
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    Wadkin RS restoration

    looking good
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    Genuine skill on display here - repairing a wood coach wheel

    Yep..been watching since he did the borax wagons. A national treasure.
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    Boating for fun

    BOAT is spelled..break out another thousand
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    A wooden bicycle that a lot. How does it ride? Seems that the wood tubes would be very good at vibration dampening. Is it?
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    Is this the beginning of senility?

    Is it Tuesday yet?
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    Have I gone over the top?

    branches on only one side of the trunk,eh?