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    Pippy Oak Veneered MDF / Ply

    Dont know if these are any good to you www.timbmetdepot .com
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    ebay festool dom bargain

    just been on festools website, tapped that number in & yes its for the cutter only :evil: very misleading though IMHO
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    ebay festool dom bargain

    Ebay bargain of the day. A brand new festool domino with a buy it now price of £ 26.50, gutted he only has 10 available folkstone fixings is the company any one want to buy one off me lets call it £ 200 :roll: :lol:
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    I would of loved to had kids, just for the simple reason my surname is Burns, (homer) if i had a child i would have deffo wanted its first name to be carpet :lol:
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    A first for me

    So you dint glue the wedges then ? :lol: just (hammer) them in, glad to know you got paid for it, maybe you can charge your land lord rent for the space they are takeing up in your workshop :D
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    kitchen worktop wood for garden furniture

    i would love to see some pics of the bench
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    Triton TRB001 Router

    screwfix b&Q warehouse am sure ive bought them in the past might have to buy more than 4 though HTH
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    What did Mr Bootfair bring you this weekend?

    Alfie said with or without you and youve still not found what im looking for and ya nothing but a hound dog car booting all the time woof :lol: hat coat i know
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    This Week at the Boot Fair....

    Hey jimi nice haul ,the plane i know its history the wood came from solsbury hill, i dont remember, exactly but they tried to use a sledge hammer to knock it down which shocked the monkey who started shaking the tree :lol:
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    trend 2 part hinge jig

    good thinking chippymart thanks i done just that .Benchwayze its such a tight fit no chance of greaseproof paper thanks .Teckel i was almost ready to get on a plane to come and see you so you could pull it apart :occasion5:
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    Panelling under stairs

    id remove the stairs and put a ladder there instead (hammer) :lol: :lol:
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    trend 2 part hinge jig

    thanks chippymart i will try that might give a squirt of wd40 to try and part it :twisted: if not might just buy a tube for it to fit in then i wont have to spend time takeing it apart :idea: :roll:
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    trend 2 part hinge jig

    i have had this jig for some time now it does not get a lot of use but when it does its great, anyway the other day i took it out of the bag and put it together :roll: it was a tight fit anyway used it on a couple of doors took the little allen bolts out & went to pull it apart can i get it...
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    Goulden Hardwoods brilliant

    i may have to take a trip down that way some time just had a look at his website and read some of the news letters the man has a good sense of humour( funny guy) seems to know his stuff to, the last time i bought some hard wood and i asked some questions they looked puzzled quarter sawn whats...
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    Clear vision - or dust?

    i have the full face trend i like it, if you look around you could get it cheaper than the £200, i dont wear glasses but do have to wear gogles for work (building trade) and they steam up with a mask, dont think of the money more your health cant put a price on that