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    Back problems? "Stand-Sit" workshop stool

    I found my back problems were massively reduced by just getting a decent quality yoga mat to stand on, instead of the concrete floor. If I know I'm in for a long session on the lathe I also sometimes wear a weightlifting belt. Looks a bit daft I'm sure, but it does make a big difference. The one...
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    Router to cut Aluminium

    For the light cuts you are talking about you could probably get away with an HSS end mill, although a Carbide one would be better. Good old paraffin is the best lubricant. Your problem will be speed, you really need to get it down to maybe 1000-1500 rpm. Or find someone who has a milling...
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    How many parts in an engine?

    In answer to the original question a simple two stroke engine as you find in your strimmer or similar only has essentially three moving parts, crankshaft, con rod and piston, probably the simplest internal combustion engine there is.
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    How many parts in an engine?

    Must show that to the boss, she will never complain about my watch making again!
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    How are you supposed to remove these screws?

    Can you not make a screwdriver to suit. I'm thinking perhaps an old chisel or similar with a wide enough blade and grind it down to the correct size. Usually loads of knackered old chisels at my local car boot.
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    mystery tools

    Also make a good soldering iron.
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    Thread dies, question.

    Tracey tools are a good source of good quality taps and dies at fair prices. And always buy HSS at least, the ones in most cheap kits are too soft to cut or last well, and tend not to be very accurate either.
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    Cleaning Tools

    Armorall, or similar sold for car dashboards is very good, and will also freshen up the colour. If you use something like pre paint wipe or alcohol it tends to dry out the plastic and over time will make it become brittle.
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    Cleaning Tools

    For cleaning watch parts I simply put them in the little jam jars you get at hotels. Fill the jar with your choice of cleaning fluid and then pop them in the water bath, so the water comes up to roughly the level of the fluid in the jar. You can use any jar as long as it has a tight fitting lid...
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    Parts Diagram for Kity 367

    I would go for steel. What are the ones at the other end? Easiest way to attach them neatly would be to machine them with a collar coming up flush to the table and hard solder or braze them in place, but if you make the diameter under the table a decent size then some decent mig tacks would be...
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    Parts Diagram for Kity 367

    The idea is that the bolts revolve between the top and bottom fixed bushes. The captive nuts on the table cause it to rise and fall as the bolts revolve. Think of it like the cross slide on a lathe. You have a thread connected to the cross slide, and the handle connected to a thread fixed...
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    Cleaning Tools

    For the tools, don't put it on anything plastic as it may start melting it. Very good for removing the varnish like deposit on cutting tools.
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    Cleaning Tools

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    Table saw stopped

    If the item is fairly new and has failed then you can reject it and ask for your money back. If you go on the Which magazine site they have various template letters and so forth you can download or copy to help you with this. It is fairly straightforward. I have done this myself, and helped...
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    Table saw stopped

    Your statutory rights have nothing to do with any warranty or guarantee offered by the manufacturer, indeed these documents usually carry a rider which says " This does not affect your statutory rights". Where people often go wrong is that your statutory rights are to do with the seller of the...