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    dewalt 1st fix nail gun review

    If you go to the DeWalt USA site you can download the manual https://www.toolservicenet.com
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    Film 4 - reduction in picture quality

    They had a fire about two weeks ago so everything is coming from a back-up source. No subtitles either. Also affects channel5 and various other channel 4 based channels. statement-channel-4-regarding-technical-issues
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    Query Kity Bestcombi 2000

    The vacuum connector you can use normal extractor hose squashed to fit, i have a small length of pipe at the end to connect with a longer hose. The knob is a safety cut out as you know, you need to push and twist to lock it in place, maybe the switch has been bypassed if it works without it in...
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    Query Kity Bestcombi 2000

    I'll have a look at mine tomorrow and let you know.
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    Interesting... a new 'uncuttable' material

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    Desk sag prevention

    Two lengths of stainless steel angle, say 20mm x 20mm x 2OOOmm, route grooves in the underside of the desk and epoxy and screw (stainless screws) them in place. You can use stainless screws for the legs. You could even inset the flat part of the angle to hide it completely.
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    Sanding Scaffold boards

    An angle grinder and flap disc will clean them up nicely.
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    Engineers, what's this thing called?

    Decorative head cap nuts? can't post alink but google shows some images or socket cap nuts. The two hole ones are pig-nose nuts.
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    Knowlege of Mac web cam and making video with it please.

    Yes, you can do that with the "Photo Booth" programme which is installed on your mac. Launch the programme, and in the bottom left hand corner you will see three little icons, click on the one on the right to switch to the video camera, click the red button to record. You can edit the video in...