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    Tools that last longer than expected

    My drill's a Black and Decker SR910RT, bought Spring '88 I reckon. It's not exactly been used daily, but has had a fair amount of general DIY use and still performs flawlessly - normal/hammer, gears, torque and variable speed all fine. Mind you I seem to remember it being quite expensive at the...
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    Wood identification please

    OK, so I take back everything I said - I think I'm guilty of jumping to a conclusion! What I'm now thinking is that I need to dig into the woodpile to see what else I can find - I reckon I have at least a dozen logs with at least some spelting going on, so need to put them aside and get them...
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    Wood identification please

    Ah, brill, thanks Fitzroy. Pity it's rot and thus not going to be something I can use, but hey ho.
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    Wood identification please

    Hi all. I've been noticing some unusual markings on some of the logs I got as firewood and putting them aside until I could do some work on them to figure out what was going on. I'm new to woodworking and anything but up on my woods, but the chap told me before that most of the logs he has are...