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    Adjustable vs Fixed Spanners

    BTW this appears to be the same set but at about 1/3 of what I paid. Made in China now of course but would be interesting to know if they're still the same quality. Probably not.
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    Adjustable vs Fixed Spanners

    When I lived in Germany in 1999, I bought a comprehensive set of KS flank drive sockets + Torx + Hex bits at a price that nearly made me cry. But I knew I'd be using them for the rest of eternity so... I bit my lip and paid up. I used them yesterday and I've used them nearly every day for 23...
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    Quality Metalwork Files

    I use & recommend Nicholson files. I got one in a box of bits at an auction and was very impressed so I looked for a set hoping that the company still existed (the file was obviously very old). They do still exist and they're American, apparently...
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    Drummond lathe

    I've got one too. A bit younger. Bought new by my friend Tony in 1946. He gave it to me before he passed away a couple of years ago. Its a lovely machine. As regards spares, yes, join a group. There's one here: Drummond/Myford Lathe Owners and enthusiasts | Facebook
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    D Bit / Tool Grinder ?

    I have a Clarkson, a Quorn, a Tiplap & two Ferrets (metal, not furry) and I can recommend the Clarkson. But if you could get a Deckel SO for that money, maybe consider that.
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    D Bit / Tool Grinder ?

    "interchangeable workholders" ? I have a TipLap that I got for £50 at an auction. I thought the way I got it was the way it was. The top comes off? Could you post some pictures of the work holders you have? Thanks, Wilson.
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    Gas stove

    Thanks everyone for the very full information !! Cheers! Wilson.
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    Gas stove

    My folks bought this to cook on during the 70s blackouts (we only had an electric hob). I thought I might take it camping. Does anyone know what that gas tap fitting is?
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    16er inserts?

    OK, so here's a left field idea... thread cutting... how about Coventry die heads? Really they're a production tool from a bygone era (CNC did for them) but now, 2nd hand, they're cheap and you still get a production standard finish when using them. Better than any single point tool, even...
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    Replacing a lock for which there is no key (i.e. cutting it out)

    OK, guys, thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll just get a locksmith. The whole building has a sensitive fire alarm system so using a grinder was always going to be a last option. Thanks! Wilson.
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    Replacing a lock for which there is no key (i.e. cutting it out)

    Hi All, Can anyone identify this type of lock? Its a cupboard door in my landlords building. He's going going to rent me the cupboard as extra space for my unit but he can't find the key. Is it just a case of a 1mm parting disk through the deadbolt and then take the lock out? I'd like...
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    Your worst accident or near miss

    The starter on my Fobco 7/8 drill press died & I got a new one & used my minimal electrical skills to get it to start from the machine but not to stop. To stop it you had to switch it off at the wall. I was drilling some big holes in thick stainless and I was holding the drill press vice (too...
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    Replacement gear required

    Have you looked at HPC gears? Making the boss is the easy bit. If you can buy the gear, the boss could be welded (or tig brazed) to it.
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    Do NOT buy this model

    Probably annuls your home insurance. Which is dice you do not wish to roll.
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    How to dismantle a Stannah stairlift

    Yeah, I'm liking the idea of stripping it for interesting parts. Thanks for the heads up vis-a-vis weight.