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  1. Essex Barn Workshop

    Lidl One Handed Clamps

    So i took one (or 8 actually) for the team and popped into Lidl and initially bought a pair of the 150mm clamps and 2 of the 900mm ones, total cost £29.97. They are chalk and cheese when compared with the usual ones Lidl usually sell, here is a photo of one of the old style with one of these...
  2. Essex Barn Workshop

    Lidl One Handed Clamps

    I don't think these are the same as the ones they regularly sell, these are more expensive and look much stronger. I have plenty of their regular ones, and whilst they are not Irwins, I find them perfectly adequate for the majority of clamping needs. I've only ever had one fail, in that you can...
  3. Essex Barn Workshop

    Workshop in garden shed and noise

    My son is a professional drummer, and has a kit set up in his room at front of our house. The rules I told our neighbours we would stick to for practice are not an a Sunday, not before 10am or after 7pm and no longer than 1 hour at a time. Letting them know something similar for your tools might...
  4. Essex Barn Workshop

    Going around ever decreasing spirals until disappearing up.........

    Depending on overall size, I can do that for you at about 4mm thick mdf or ply. as it is such a worthy cause, Materials and post only. The bed of my laser is a bit over A4 to give an idea. All i need is the pattern sent to me as an SVG file.
  5. Essex Barn Workshop

    What’s this tool?

    I'm late 50's and don't think I've seen one before!
  6. Essex Barn Workshop

    What’s this tool?

    Thank you all, now a bigger mystery. Why has my 83 year old, twice widowed mum got one in her junk drawer with old receipts, a cloth tape measure and an out of date by decades address book??
  7. Essex Barn Workshop

    What’s this tool?

    Found in my mum’s untidy drawer!
  8. Essex Barn Workshop

    Parkside Thread - (in)famous plasmer cutter

    Be aware, this isn't the same as the plasma cutter they had in stock only a few weeks ago, that one had a built in compressor, this one does not and you'll need a compressor to run it.
  9. Essex Barn Workshop

    Oak dining table finish

    without knowing what is on there already, i think you are a little stuck! Personally I'd sand it back and use osmo to re-coat. I don't think you'll regret it once it's done.
  10. Essex Barn Workshop

    Advice on routing letters

    Hi, sorry for the time lapse. The feeling is that to have the 4 words routed as templates would cost more than getting someone with a cnc to cut them directly into the scaffold boards for you as a one off. Being realistic, I'd need at least £4 a letter plus postage just to cover the material...
  11. Essex Barn Workshop

    Advice on routing letters

    My laser cutter doesn't have a bed long enough to do those as whole words, I'd be suggesting individual letters. You'd need only one capital E template for instance, plus a lower case 'e'. The 16 letter templates you would need to spell out those four words would be: E a c e i l n o p q r s t u...
  12. Essex Barn Workshop

    Advice on routing letters

    i have a laser cutter, and could make individual letter templates for you in your choice of font and size from 3mm plywood or mdf. How many different characters would you need, and we can work out a price?
  13. Essex Barn Workshop

    Advice on routing letters

    found one for you: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/275232098920?hash=item40151c8a68:g:m7sAAOSw2EtiOeb1
  14. Essex Barn Workshop

    Advice on routing letters

    I looked at the Rutlands kits for the OP as well, but he states he wants to do 4" tall letters and I dont think the Rutlands jig is big enough? About a year ago on this forum I bought a Trend Routasketch https://www.tooled-up.com/artwork/prodpdf/trenpage_129.pdf and if you can get hold of one of...
  15. Essex Barn Workshop

    Parkside Table Saw Fence

    Nice. Good improvement, like it.