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    Relocation to Lake Tahoe CA

    Hi - I live in California and grew up in the Central Valley of CA not too far from Tahoe. I'm also an immigration attorney. The one thing no one here has mentioned is the increasing frequency of serious forrest fires in the Sierra Nevada. These fires spew so much smoke that the effects are...
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    Help With Info on an Obscure Plane Maker?

    There's a facebook group for people to share knowledge of old wooden planes. Many people post planes and the hive seems to come up with answers. It's called Rhykenology: The Study Of Wooden Planes.
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    Oil stone revival.

    I use an outdoor fryer I got to deep fry Turkey (to boil the water) and add a bit of those industrial degreasers.
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    Flattening a worktop

    How would you know if you had planed them flat/straight without referencing something known to be flat/straight within certain tolerances? A newel post doesn't require joinery that would expose any issues. I think one planes as flat/straight as needed for the work at hand, and a newel post...
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    How to clean wooden planes

    Extra fine steel wool doesn't scour anything and won't take off any patina. I like to get the crude off so that I don't end up contaminating my stock. But I'm sure there are many ways to get it done.
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    How to clean wooden planes

    I use steel wool with a little Bison clear paste wax. After buffing, shiny and smells good.
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    Luban Chinese Block Plane

    It's clear the Chinese government pays people to surveil the students who are here. The Chinese government is definitely something to fear. I've also met many wealthy Indians who want to immigration to the U.S. because the pollution in India, especially the air pollution, is horrible. The...
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    Luban Chinese Block Plane

    And by the way here's a list of pollution scandals in the US that are on going. 8-horrible-water-scandals-us You're idea that the US industry is different bcs it's American is willfully ignorant.
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    Luban Chinese Block Plane

    You do know that lead pollution is still a big problem in the US. The US banned lead in paint and fuel long after Europe and long after there was clear evidence of harm. The asbestos industry knew the terrible harm os their product way back in the 1920s and continued to deny it, winning most...
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    Luban Chinese Block Plane

    history doesn't move backwards, fortunately. Here in the US, white people are always wanting to go back to the times like the 1950s as an ideal society. Except those easy economic times only happened because of lack of competition, WWII destroyed many other nation's industrial capacity and...
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    Luban Chinese Block Plane

    I guess you don't remember all the horrible pollution inflicted on people living in US by their "responsible" manufacturing. Here's a few to let you know that industrial pollution isn't a cultural/national issue, only povs are: 1. love canal The Love Canal Tragedy | About EPA | US EPA 2...
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    Luban Chinese Block Plane

    I remember the same kind of discourse around Japanese manufacturing from the late 70's with as similar chauvinist tone. A friend of mine had an old Datsun and some wrote on the car "J . .. junk." No one talks about Japanese cars being junk anymore. This cycle gets repeated: countries break...
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    Securing Mortice & Tenon joints

    Draw bored M&T will fit tightened hold the joint beautifully
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    Getting an Old Pigsticker Ready for Work

    The explanation I've seen is that the top to bottom difference helps prevent the chisel twisting as you chop so that the walls are straight. In my limited experience using pig stickers with this shape, I am able to chop to the mortice and keep the walls straight.
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    marking gauge, should the blade turn?

    I don't know for sure, but I find it hard to imagine a pizza cutter working well if the wheel was stationary. I'm no engineer. I do imagine there's a problem with the way people on this thread compare the cutting power of moving wheels to stationary wheels. The downward force on a rotating...