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    First green oak project

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    Setting posts in concrete...

    Scribe it in - would look brilliant.
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Every time I visit this thread I'm always wowed by what everyone's been up to and the quality of the work. I recently made some small decorative trusses for this memorial pergola which were then beautifully carved by a friend of the client with a rose on one side and an owl on other. Nice lil...
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    Setting posts in concrete...

    What about it being a car port is stopping you from adding bracing, like below?
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    draw knife

    The Ray Iles drawknife is fantastic.
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    Green oak, post/beam joint.

    Lovely work! You should be pleased. Once that's been draw bored it should look very tidy indeed.
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    UV protection for garden furniture

    Hi all, I've got an oak garden table ready to go off to its new home and was wondering how best to give it some protection from the sun. New owner will probably want to top it up every six months or a year or so and at least slow the silvering process. Osmo do something called "one coat only"...
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Unfortunately not :(
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    Post a photo of the last thing you made

    Wanted a little bevel gauge so made this, inspired by The Art Of Boatbuilding's one. Quite pleased with it in the end!
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    Work Boots

    Carhartt's Hamilton boots are the most comfortable I've worn. Even just as walking boots they're great, I love 'em. https://www.engineeringagencies.co.uk/products/carhartt-f702901-hamilton-rugged-flex-waterproof-s3-wedge-boots
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    Gluing brass or bronze into oak

    Thanks for the replies guys. Good shout @AndyT about being able to tighten them up if ever the need arises. Ideally though I'd like a cleaner solution than using bolts and did consider a small pin on each end... I'm leaning towards that at the moment.
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    Steam bending question

    A rule of thumb I follow when steam bending arms is to bind them tightly with string once they're bent and then remove from their forms. I then leave them for a day or two to acclimatise and then stick them in a heated cupboard or near a source of heat overnight. By the next day the string has...
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    Choice of timber

    It's used in decking all the time 🙃
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    Choice of timber

    Larch is used for a lot of outdoor applications and will probably serve you well. Ash is incredibly strong but prone to rot and insect attack. Have a look also at oak, iroko, douglas fir and western red cedar. Larch, douglas fir, red cedar and iroko are very common so should be reasonably priced.
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    Gluing brass or bronze into oak

    I've tried a couple of orientations using clamps and offcuts, at right angles they didn't give as much stiffness as I'd hoped and also impede leg room. So I'm hoping the angled stretchers going from legs to table top eliminate that. I guess I'll find out...! Still deciding whether to use...